India’s Top Engineering and Construction Company Chooses Accely for its SAP SuccessFactors and Payroll Implementation

A leading engineering and construction company in India has partnered with Accely for its SAP SuccessFactors and payroll Implementation. Since its inception in 1951, they have provided seamless turnkey solutions for engineering and infrastructure projects. Additionally, they have its own specializes in other areas such as logistics and shipping services,...

A Prominent Value-Added Technology Distributor of India Partners with Accely for its SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

India’s premier value-added technology distributor choses Accely a Leading SAP Consulting Partner to implement its SAP S/4 HANA solutions. Their business model focuses on four major verticals - networking, personal computing, components, and peripherals. They also provide services to leading brands including AMD, ASUS, Belkin, Google Chromecast, Dell, HP, Lenovo,...

India’s Leading Asset Reconstruction Company Partners with Accely for its SAP Annual Maintenance Service

A renowned asset reconstruction company in India has partnered with Accely for its SAP Annual Maintenance Services. Ever since the commencement of its commercial operations in 2007, it has remained a key player in acquisition management. Also, they play an important role in resolving non-performing loans through quality human capital....

Leading Manufacturing and Cement Marketing Company in California Partners with Accely for its SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

A California-based premier manufacturer and marketer of cement and ready-mix concrete, has chosen Accely to implement SAP S/4 HANA solutions. They have been involved in manufacturing portland cement and branded ready-mix concrete products since 1974. The renowned enterprise has also been serving a wide range of markets including California, Ablamba,...

A State-of-the-Art Medical Solutions Provider in the Saudi Arabia Partners with Accely for its SAP Annual Maintenance Services

The Saudi Arabia's leading medical equipment and state-of-the-art solutions provider entered into an alliance with Accely for its SAP Annual Maintenance Services. Since its inception in 1983, they have a region-wide presence in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman. It specializes in medical solutions focusing on both high-quality...

A Premier Organization in Saudi Arabia Providing Technology & Management Solutions Chooses Accely for its SAP Annual Maintenance Services

A 43-year-old premier organization in Saudi Arabia providing technology and management solutions chooses Global Expert SAP Partner Accely for its SAP Annual Maintenance Services They have tremendously grown from strength to strength with combined expertise in both management and technical fields. The group offers diversified services in the healthcare industry,...

India’s Leading Supplier and Provider of Top-Quality Fabrics Partnered With Accely for Their SAP EXIM Implementation

A leading supplier and provider of top-quality fabrics in India partners with Accely to implement SAP EXIM. They have been providing a wide spectrum of fabrics for varied applications since 1930. The product range includes CVC blends, polyester-cotton blends, polyester- viscose blends as well as all types of the texturized...

A leading US-based professional tax automation solution provider & a renowned Offshore BPO in INDIA chooses Accely for its Robotic Process Automation initiative.

The organization has been dedicated to providing tax automation services for CPA firms since its inception in 2002. The innovative solutions include scanning and populating with optional OCR (optical character recognition) verifications and a mobile application that eliminates the paper organizer. It also offers other product ranges such as TaxCaddy,...

India’s top-notch Fragrance and Beauty Products Manufacturer Chooses Accely for its SAP Maintenance Services

India’s top-notch fragrance and cosmetic manufacturer choses Accely for its SAP Maintenance Solutions. They have been manufacturing a wide range of best-selling perfumes for almost a century. In addition, the group is also involved in developing 3000+ unique variety of flavors in various categories such as bakery, confectionery, and beverages....

UAE’s Largest Electronic Brand Choses Accely for its E-Commerce Initiative

Accely partner,s with UAE’s largest electronics brand for initiating Their e-commerce Project. It not just hold a strong presence in UAE but also has a global presence in over 85 countries. They have been strongly catering to the widest range of household electronic products. Some of its product categories also...

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