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Give your health and wellness business a technology boost and ensure greater fitness to meet changing customer needs and beat growing competition

Worldwide, pharmacies as a business are changing. Over the years, they have been transformed into sophisticated health and wellness retail businesses. The change has been driven by increasing consumer consciousness in healthy living and a growing demand for organic foods, nutritional supplements, and health and wellbeing enhancers.

Drugstore formats have become broader, highly regulated in Europe and the US, and are rapidly adding ancillary services to their offerings. Today's health and wellness retailers have optical services, primary medical screening facilities and attached clinics with doctors that attend to minor ailments. The level of customer engagement and interaction is much higher than for traditional pharmacies. Pharmacists, who are highly trusted by their customers, are able to influence product choice, are more involved in relationship building and need to free up their time from products and shelf management to customer management.


Customers, on the other hand, are rapidly adopting mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, demanding greater conveniences from their health and wellness retailers. They want personalization and customization; they are migrating to mobile text-based reminder solutions for their medication and to refill their prescriptions. They are using social media to understand pricing, treatments, services and want more value.

On the business front, the traditional global giants of retail are acquiring small and midsized pharmacy players to gain access to new markets. The M&A activity is creating a fresh demand for application integration, process standardization and IT infrastructure rationalization.

The health and wellness retail business is at the threshold of a major IT transformation: system integration, application development, data management, analytics, mobile technologies and customer management tools are proliferating. Business processes are being automated and technology-driven patient care is aimed at improving the outcome of medication.

In this dynamic environment of opportunity and risk, health and wellness retailers need to address:

  • Productivity enhancements:  Build store solutions and automation that increase efficiency, reduce errors and bring down costs.
  • Go mobile: Create mobile applications that improve customer service, grow loyalty and bring down cost of CRM.
  • Leverage customer data: Use data analytics to understand customer needs, create personalization and delivery totally new services.
  • Heighten security around patient data: Breach of patient data can draw penalties, impact business and result in reputation loss. Health and wellness retailers need to enhance security around their IT and patient databases.
  • Risk management: Geo specific legislation is adding a layer of complexity to managing compliance requirements across geographies, calling for better audits, centralized patient information and higher transparency.

Accely’s global experience in retail pharmacy and in the health and wellness business has helped its customers grow, expand to newer markets, adopt technology to understand patient needs and improve bottom lines. As the customer emphasis on health and fitness grows, retailers will need to innovate, bringing services to consumers in their homes, office and on the go. Store design and experience will change as wellness foods get priority on store shelves. Quick, reliable, rich and interactive information on wellness products and healthy lifestyles at the point-of-purchase will drive buying decisions. Assisting health and wellness retailers in this transformational journey is Accely.

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