Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

At Accely, we base our interactions on trust. We enjoy the trust of our stakeholders and investors owing to the strong corporate governance we sport.

Functions of the Board of Directors

Accely’s operations and management are overseen and governed by the Board of Directors. The Board primarily performs the following functions within the organization:

  • It examines the strategies and financial plans drawn up for Accely and grants final approval
  • It may change the plans after reviewing their execution depending on the state of the business at any given point
  • It is responsible for evaluating and defining the compensation to be given to executive officers
  • Periodic assessments of risks or challenges being faced by Accely are carried out by the Board
  • It oversees compliance with legal and other norms and responsibilities


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is elected by the Board of Directors. The CEO might be from Accely or a suitable candidate who isn’t an Accely employee.

Formal Evaluations

Following selection and appointment, the CEO is evaluated at an annual basis. The CEO should be informed about this evaluation by the head of the Board of Directors. The evaluation could address parameters that the board considers appropriate including the business’s performance in that year, the fulfillment of set objectives and so on.

Board Operations

The major discussion items for the entire annual year will be defined at the start of the year by the chief executive officer and the head director. Each board member will have a say in the agenda. All materials pertaining to the board meetings will be distributed beforehand. Under certain circumstances wherein the information may be security sensitive, it can be discussed in the meeting directly.

Board members have absolute access to Accely’s employees, management and advisory for any operation they need to complete. However, they will be required to ensure that any contact of this kind does not lead to disruption of business activities.

Code of Ethics and Business Principles

At the heart of our business lie ethics and principles, which not only guide us but also drive us to outperform.

Clients : Their satisfaction, trust and belief in our ability to perform are critical to our existence and we will endeavor to surpass their expectation

Stakeholders : We would strive to earn the trust and confidence of all our stake holders and business partners

Employees : We promote innovation, creativity and teamwork amongst our employees. We will also recruit and retain exceptional employees by offering them unparalleled chances to grow and achieve their goals.

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