Business Collaboration


Business collaboration is a rising trend. Together with the help of business collaboration, content, and consumer experience you can maximize your multi-channel sales, create brand value, get more customer reach, gain value from enterprise information, optimize and transform processes. Achieve all this by collaborating outside and within your enterprise with our help. Collaboration is not about just sharing the information, it’s more about figuring out the customer’s pain points and relentlessly working towards providing an effective solution.

How Can Accely Assist You?

We are focussed to provide you with a 360-degree collaboration by enabling you with proven business collaboration solutions. Accely will help you

  • To get benefit from a cross-channel collaboration between your clients and their partners, distributors, and suppliers, along with the internal collaboration between the employees and customers organization associates.
  • We provide business process management for seamless processes, flexibility in business, and process transformation.
  • Our content management solutions enable clients with a better understanding of their unstructured data to make informed decisions.
  • Achieve cross-channel parity across multiple channels like web, kiosk, mobile, and social with our innovative strategies.
  • Avail our legacy modernization services to optimize and extend IT systems, increase the value of existing investments and decrease the operating costs.

Key Platforms and Solutions

  • Our comprehensive e-commerce platform gives quicker go-to-market with differential pricing options.
  • Our cloud-based hosted document management platform provides end-to-end infrastructure to manage enterprise content and digital assets.
  • Our customer communication management platform manages communication across multiple channels.
  • Accely’s digital learning platform fulfils the requirements of dynamic learning in an organization.
  • The digital marketing platform will assist you in running personalized cross-channel campaigns.
  • Accely’s SaaS platform ‘WSaaS’ offers quick usage of SaaS and cloud-based software solutions.

Our award-winning PPM Project and portfolio management enable effective enterprise portfolio management, PMO initiatives, IT governance, new product development, and much more.


Business Collaboration

Business collaboration ensures increased productivity, efficiency, reach, and engagement. Social media and mobile ensure the extended reach of collaboration solutions among the employees and consumers. Accely’s business collaboration increases the communication between employees and customers thus providing an opportunity to solve the customer’s problems effectively. New ways of doing business are possible through collaboration.

In addition to IT, other domains that can be benefited from collaboration are customer service, marketing and e-learning. To name a few popular initiatives are knowledge management, Intranets and employee portals, search, record management, and social computing.

Portal Consolidation

Take our help to create consolidate portals offering a single point of access to all the information enterprise-wide.

Portal Factory

Our portal factory model is the best fit for any global enterprise. To standardise their IT solutions and processes across their different business units.

Web 2.0 and rich internet applications feature provides the multi-channel user experience. Web 2.0 incorporates internet applications developed for diverse prospects of social computing. Technologies like AJAX, Adobe Flex, XHTML, and XML.

Web 2.0 solutions provide 32% faster task execution.


Social networks have undoubtedly profound impact on any business. Businesses can unlock its true potential by listening and interacting directly with their customers and stakeholders through social media and digital channels. Accely offers comprehensive solutions for social communication by leveraging technology giving our clients an opportunity to increase their growth.

We’ve been growing businesses since 2001, let us do it for you!

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