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The pharmaceutical sales and marketing environment has changed dramatically over the past few years. Selling models have shifted. Product portfolios have matured. Regionalization is on the upswing. And payers and patients are gaining more influence. In this New Normal, traditional sales and marketing methods are no longer effective. How do you stay ahead of the curve?

At Accely, we continuously assess the life sciences landscape to determine how organizations are responding to business-critical challenges. We also evaluate other industries—consumer goods, financial services, retail, transportation—and pinpoint new innovations in their sales & marketing operations. These sectors’ best practices can be applied to the life sciences industry.


Our integrated portfolio of Sales & Marketing services for life sciences organizations span IT, consulting and business process outsourcing. They include:

  • Redefine the core. Many organizations are significantly increasing their operational efficiency by asking a critical question: “What processes help differentiate us in the marketplace?”
  • Increase agility. As sales models evolve, it’s time to rethink traditional promotional channels. That requires investment in capabilities and partners to respond faster to a changing customer base.
  • Leveraging technology. High-performing organizations need to exploit technology to deliver optimal and cost-effective services to customers.

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