Evolving Digital Trends in SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Introduction The year 2020 has been marked as the year of robust growth in the market of human capital management software; it is eventually pushed with the aid of using the twin forces of Cloud alternative and virtual adoption. In 2020, the leaders of HCM software had to change their...

What’s new in the SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q3 2021?

Advancement in existing or upcoming new technologies is taking place rapidly. Everyone is eyeing towards the latest technology or an upgrade that makes their processing and personalization fast and flawless. And when the technology is about analytics, planning, and prediction of data, it becomes more important for the organization that...

Maximize performance with the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud

The capability to answer “What-if scenarios” is one of the biggest advantages that an organization can have. And to answer such questions all that it needs is the valuable data insights and a handful of analysts via the creation of dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud. With the help of features...

Delve into new possibilities for your business from RISE with SAP S/4 HANA

Big organizations and enterprises across the globe have to deal with the challenge of continuously changing business environments. To stay ahead, they must adapt to changing expectations of customers, create new business models, and increase the transparency and flexibility of the supply chain. To meet all these challenges SAP has...

How SAP SuccessFactors helps in transforming HR Recruitment Process?

Many processes take place in an organization, but among all those, the human resources recruitment process is one of the most important ones that must be executed effectively. After all, employees are an important investment handled by the organization. Everyone knows that having a good infrastructure, technically equipped offices, and...

Six Ways to Boost Employee Experience in 2021

It is no secret that the growth and success of any business depend on its employees. But how to leverage the full potential of employees? The answer is simple: just keep your employees happy and motivated! Businesses today, put in a lot of effort to enhance the experience of their...

Flexibility and Agility of Innovations via CFD for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 Release

Agree or not, we’re all transcended to cloud evolution. Today, every business of every shape and size is adapting to cloud operations at an increased pace. But what most of us cease to realize is the perpetual delivery of innovative features by SAP S/4 HANA Cloud like CFD (Continuous Feature...

Digital Transformation with SAP S/4 HANA Platform

Digital transformation is the call of the hour for every significant enterprise. As people get used to modern technologies and intelligent automation techniques, business processes implement innovative management software SAP S/4 HANA becomes the best choice for a world-class digitized experience. In this digitally driven society, businesses that are either...

What’s new in the SAP 2106 version of Intelligent Robotic Process Automation?

Automation has been around for quite a while now! Today, we have robots that can perform repetitive jobs with better precision and productivity. Automation has been one of the leading factors of change in the business environment today. Organizations are no longer limited to operate using the traditional tools of...

Discover Actionable Business Insights Data with SAP Analytics Cloud

Business insights play a crucial role in allowing organizations to make better and informed decisions, thereby aiding them to grow. Insights through data visualization help businesses give a tangible view on the different functional aspects of a given business, thereby giving your organization a better chance of utilizing future opportunities....

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