The Differences Between Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics

From hosting annual AI summits to forming AI-based regulations, tech heads across sections seem to have woken up to the AI phenomenon. The world of AI is an ad-infinitum encapsulating and branching out in more than ways that the human mind can comprehend. Companies have been shaping up for the...

Seven Ways to Use Predictive Analytics for Marketing and Sales Success

  What is the secret to business growth? While branding and products play a role, the way you market your products/services can make or break your business. This is irrespective of whether you are a retailer or a business service provider.  An effective marketing strategy revolves around your audience’s needs. ...

The Big Move: What’s Your Best Route to S/4HANA?

  SAP S/4HANA is the cutting edge Business Suite that offers the most recent accepted procedures, client experience, and quicker analysis more than ever. Businesses currently can quicken business methods, advance, and make their IT environment simplified in this computerized economy.  It is very critical for SAP to move to...

Automated Data Discovery- The Secret Tool in SAP Analytics Cloud to strengthen your BI Analysts

  With increased exposure to different markets and customers, enterprises accumulate enormous data. The way you transform and utilize this data gives you a competitive edge over others. You have a pool of accumulated data to analyze and only analysts can guide you in this process. An experienced analyst can...

Intelligent Innovation with SAP HANA Cloud

  There’s no denying that data is the new currency. Heaps of data hold valuable insights to drive business intelligence and innovation. Seeing this, being data-driven is an obvious choice that organizations make. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to find or utilize data despite using data-driven business models and systems. While...

What Makes SAP Analytics Cloud Perfect for Improving Business Performance?

SAP has been a growing trend in the era of digitization. In fact, as much as 33% of the respondents in a survey said that they would consider implementing the new and advanced SAP setup. Having said that, SAP Analytics Cloud is a specifically designed tool on a comprehensive BI...

Get Your Business Ready for Accelerated Invoicing with Accely

  E-invoicing was first adapted by the Denmark government in 2005. Many countries followed this trend to accelerate business revenue, and now, almost every country has adapted e-invoicing as a part of digitalization. This helps businesses to enhance their communication with other businesses and enrich the payment terms. E-invoicing for...

Tax Compliance – The Mile Stone Of E-Invoicing

Tax Compliance - The Mile Stone Of E-Invoicing After the Indian Parliament authorized e-invoicing under GST compliance for commerce, most businesses are facing the benefits of cloud computing. According to the latest trend, cloud computing is generating around 330 dollars billion. This draws the light on tax compliance because it...

Top 5 Reasons to Choose SAP Commerce Cloud over Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Enterprise eCommerce platforms are no longer monopoly affairs. Selecting the best for your business is a tough job. So, before choosing a platform, make sure to have in-depth research about the functions and features. Experts are predicting massive growth in retail e-commerce sales this year. It is estimated to reach...

Integrating SAP Marketing Cloud With SAP Cloud For Customer

SAP Marketing Cloud is an open inter-sectoral solution that transmits a personalized, contextual marketing ordeal to the consumers. The SAP Sales Cloud marketing capabilities are restricted for this reason. Prospects raise a question for integration between the SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud for enhancing their marketing abilities. Key...

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