What’s new in the SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q4 2021?

As the use of technology is increasing day by day, it is getting more important for financial professionals to get better business insights to keep track of the cost and revenue of the organization. Considering covid times, Cloud has become a necessity for businesses. Cloud can be considered an upgradeable,...

Glimpse of Innovations and Enhancements with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 Release

The rapid innovations and upgrades in technology have changed the manner and the extent to which society and businesses work and behave. All the consumers of the latest technologies continuously raise their expectations from the technology developers. And this leads developers to work more and more to improve or upgrade...

Analytical Capabilities and Features of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

“What’s next” is the biggest question for businesses worldwide. Businesses nowadays are looking to leverage technology that can help them predict what's next coming. They want to be future-ready for the rapid changes that are taking place in the business landscape with the help of the latest technology.  In this...

Accelerate your HR Transformation Journey with SAP SuccessFactors

In this competitive world, every organization is looking to outsmart its competitors. And to do so, adapting new technology has become indispensable for business firms. In this modern era of technology, we can witness a remarkable change in how a business works. In this tough time of global pandemic where...

KSA E-Invoicing SAP Document Compliance Solution for Phase One

This article is all about the implementation of E-Invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The implementation will be enforced in two phases. On the 4th of December 2021, 1st phase of E-invoicing will be rolled out. And the taxpayers of the KSA region will have to adopt it. This...

Guidelines and Phases for E-Invoicing Implementation in KSA

In recent times, the continuous shift of business toward digitalization has been unstoppable. Even the governments of a number of countries are moving towards digital implantation of documents. Among all those electronic documents, E-invoicing has gained pace in the past few years. After America and Europe, being the early adopters...

Top 6 Reasons to Migrate from ERP System to S/4 HANA Cloud Platform

In the current situation, every organization is facing a lot of challenges. Still, one common problem that arises in front of organizations is to keep their pace right, make themselves ready for any kind of situation in the future, and be competition-ready in all situations. Organizations that are innovating their...

Simplified and Streamlined Data Analysis with SAP Analytics Cloud

Exploring data and using it to add value to your business has become really important in the last few years. Data exploration has become a key task for information workers and business analysts. SAP Analytics Cloud is a solution that has made this mundane task simpler and less time-consuming for...

Redefine your HR Operations with SAP SuccessFactors

Every business organization is looking forward to using new technologies and empowering themselves to perform their best across all the departments and business scenarios. HR is the driving force of all activities in the organization, from productivity to operational efficiency and customer services.  So, applying all the possible new technologies...

Making the Intelligent Enterprise a reality with SAP BTP

In this era of digital transformation, where organizations rely more on new trends and technologies, the intelligent enterprise has been a trend that can’t be left unturned. Therefore, it has become crucial for organizations to adapt and respond to changes irrespective of their working area. And to simplify all your...

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