How Accely Can Help Advance Your Organization’s ESG & Wider Sustainability Journey


How Accely Can Help Advance Your Organization’s ESG & Wider Sustainability Journey

Keeping up with the rapidly changing sustainability landscape has emerged as our era’s next long-term focus area for senior management and the C-suite.

According to a recent poll, 63% of CEOs said that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors were essential to their company’s long-term performance. Interestingly, the ratio was over half only two years ago.  

One of these paradigm shifts is the rapid evolution of ESG issues from optional concerns to essential components of business strategy. Organizations must now consider ESG and wider sustainability aspects to build a solid basis for long-term prosperity. This is driven by growing ESG-focused pressures from business stakeholders as well as expanding regulatory mandates in India and globally. In addition, ESG is becoming strategically important as companies use it for competitive advantage and effective risk management practices.  

In light of the growing importance of ESG and wider sustainability aspects of a business, this blog looks at how Accely can help you advance your organization’s sustainability journey through its consulting and technology offerings. 


Accely’s ESG offerings

Accely provides end-to-end ESG-focused support to organizations through its consulting and technology offerings.  

Consulting capabilities

Our team works closely with your organization and its key stakeholders to provide value-added ESG consulting to advance your impact and sustainability agenda. 

Our services include support on end-to-end ESG and sustainability aspects including ESG strategy, carbon footprint assessments, developing ESG-focused policies and governance structures, ESG reporting, ESG-focused training & capacity building, and support with wider sustainable business transformations. 

Our consulting team has international work experience and are able to provide a global perspective and value-added  support to organizations.

Technology capabilities

Accely has a leading in-house ESG tool called GreenAlytics to help companies manage their end-to-end ESG requirements. Its capabilities include:

capabilities of our in-house ESG tool

  • ESG Data management 
  • ESG Analytics
  • Carbon footprint calculations
  • ESG-focused vendor engagement
  • ESG reporting

We are working on embedding leading AI-capabilities into the tool to help automate day-to-day data collection and initial analytics to enable you to make real-time ESG-focused business and strategic decisions.

Through GreenAltyics, organizations are able to:

  • Manage organization-wide ESG data in a single location
  • Undertake ESG analytics to generate actionable strategic insights
  • Generate automated reports based on global ESG frameworks & customized business needs
  • Manage sustainability aspects of your supplier base 

The solution aims at simplifying ESG-focused compliance and reporting but more importantly helps you embed ESG-focus into day-to-day operational aspects of your value chain. 

In addition to the in-house tool, Accely can also help implement SAP Sustainability Solutions as an added extension to the SAP suite of products you might be currently using. 

SAP Sustainability Solutions are comprehensive and cover multiple aspects like ESG data management and reporting, carbon footprint calculations, circular economy, sustainable procurement and health and safety aspects of your operations.

Some of the key SAP solutions we can implement for you include:

  • SAP Sustainability Control Tower
  • SAP Sustainability Footprint Management
  • SAP Responsible Design & Production
  • SAP Ariba 
  • SAP Safety Management 

Wherever you are in your organization’s ESG journey, Accely can help you through a combination of in-house and SAP technology solutions and our consulting capabilities. 

We are already working on multiple ESG-focused consulting and technology projects with large listed companies and renowned local Tier-2 accounting firms in India. 

Contact us to explore how Accely can help you make an impact and advance your ESG journey.