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Software is increasingly pervasive in how we work and live. Competitive differentiation is often achieved through the innovative software and services.

Digital technology has revolutionized the information services industry. In segments as diverse as healthcare, law, education and entertainment, technology is transforming the way people receive, access and interact with vital business information.

Overwhelming increases in data from countless sources, the rapid migration to new digital media (such as online, mobile and social networks), and the surge of content in various forms are forcing companies to rethink their strategies for feeding the real-time mindset of today’s audiences.


Driving intelligent Product Engineering

The software industry is driven by ever-evolving consumer demands centered on continuous innovation, faster time to market and cost-efficiency. The increasing dominance of future technologies like Cloud computing, mobility, social media has also transformed the way ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) conduct their business. The new dynamic means that ISVs need to develop smart product engineering solutions.

Accely helps software companies grow revenues and achieve bottom line results as the industry looks beyond licensed software to new business models, including those enabled by cloud computing. Accenture also helps hardware companies and others outside of the traditional software industry grow their software-enabled businesses through our proven capabilities and offerings.

Accely focuses on customized solutions within the ISV and software products industry. Our solutions include consulting, product engineering, IT, BPO and infrastructure services. We enable our customers to do business better by reducing time to market and cutting down R&D and IT costs through our innovative operational models.

We have a comprehensive service offering for ISVs with competencies in formulating product strategy, product development & lifecycle management services and new technology services. Our lifecycle management services include product migration/porting, sustenance, consumer/commercial technical support and end of life product solutions for ISVs. Accely’s new technology services cover product development on emerging technologies and trends like cloud computing, mobility and social media.

We have extensive domain expertise in information management and technology, which enables us to help you reduce operating costs and elevate business effectiveness, manage complex data retrieval or delivery systems, and to uncover innovative new ways to organize, package and distribute information services.

Business Information Services

  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Science & Technical

Enterprise Software Applications Services

  • Consulting
  • Software product engineering
  • IT Services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Accounting & Finance software
  • Business intelligence
  • Performance management
  • CRM, HR, SCM Software

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