Accelerated E-Way Bill Solution


Accelerated E-Way Bill Solutions for Business Organizations

Automated Generation of E-Way Bills for Suppliers and Vendors

We cater to the requirements of the business enterprises to seamlessly generate E-Way bills. It is an Accelerated ERP solution that helps to generate invoices and challans in Accelerated S/4 HANA and ECC solutions in compliance with regulations from the Government of India.

A Short Introduction to Accerelated E-Way Bill Solution

The Accelerated -based E-Way bill is an electronically generated document required by the Indian suppliers and
vendors when they are transporting goods of value RS. 50,000 or more from one place to another, You can visit
the website of National Informatics Center (NIC) to generate this document online. The document will help in the
goods movement both inter and intrastate.

The document contains important information and details about the point of the origin of goods, the final
destination, the name of both the consignee and the consignor. In addition, it also contains the route the
vehicle will follow to reach the destination. It is mandatory to have a Goods and Services Tax (GST) document
during the movement of goods. Tax-payers will get an E-Way Bill number when they generate an e-way bill.


Accelerated E-Way Bill Solutions Integrates With Accelerated Cloud

The E-Way Bill has been integrated with Accelerated Cloud Platform to provide the following scope to tax-payers:

  • Using Accelerated S/4 HANA and Accelerated ECC to Generate Invoice/Challan,this Accelerated solution
    supports the stock transfer, financial, sales, and distribution billing along with the subcontracting

  • Certified GST Suvidha providers send the payload to the NIC portal through the Accelerated Cloud
    Integration process.
  • Print the important documents along with the e-way bill before the transportation of goods.
  • Get all necessary details including the e-way bill number and its validity from the NIC portal through GSP.


Highlighted Features of Accelerated E-Way Bill Solutions

  • Smooth Integration with the NIC System

    Popular Accelerated solutions such as Accelerated S/4 HANA and Accelerated ECC can integrate directly
    with the NIC system through authenticated GSP’s and with the help of the Accelerated Cloud Integration

  • Scalable and Flexible Solutions

    In case, the Government of India further introduces changes in the Accelerated S/4 HANA and Accelerated
    ECC solutions, it will be reflected in the e-way bill generation.

  • Bolstering Security

    Security has been further fortified with payload level Accelerated encryption
    integrated into the GSP and NIC systems.

  • Data Authentication

    Accelerated E-Way Bill Solutions provides in-built authentications and health check tools to verify that
    all-important data is a part of the payload process.

  • Generate the E-Way Bill

    Choose a particular invoice number and copy-paste it directly from the excel.

  • Cancel the E-way Bill

    Easily cancel single or multiple e-way bills even for a simple reason or any other different reason.

  • Extending the Validity Period

    Increase the validity of your e-way bill through the NIC portal. There is also an option to extend the
    e-way bill in case of an emergency and update the details of the transporter.

  • Printing the E-Way Bill

    There are a couple of options; normal print and detailed print both based on a standard template.

  • Automated Report Generation

    Accelerated Cloud helps to generate reports in real-time.
    Viewing E-Way Bills
    View the generated E-Way Bill number including its date and time of generation. Also, view the canceled
    E-Way Bill.


Advantages of Accelerated E-Way Bill Solutions

  • The users don’t need to go for any cloud-based subscription or choose any additional hardware requirement.
    The Accelerated E-Way Bill does not need any technological upgrade either.
  • Accelerated E-Way Bill Solution paves the way for less documentation when the goods are being transported
    from one place to another.
  • E-Way Bill has played an important role in reducing the cost of transportation and logistics.
  • The movement of goods from origin to destination has become streamlined and more efficient.
  • The transporter does not have to wait at the check post, which saves more time and initiates faster delivery
    of goods.
  • Accelerated E-Way Bill is easily manageable and configurable with a flexible architecture.

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