SAP HANA Migration


Why Migrate to SAP Hana?

With the increasing volumes of data that companies deal with on a regular basis, real-time computing has become the need of the hour! Even so, this has led to the development of several cloud computing platforms.

SAP Hana, launched by SAP, is emerging as a promising player in this domain. Taking the advantage of in-memory computing, it can deliver data-driven insights and aid decision-makers to act accordingly. And, all this in real-time!

Some of the salient features of this popular cloud platform are –

  • Rest your worries about memory size and manage Big Data, IoT and much more, with ease.
  • Get the best in analytics with native high-performance predictive and machine learning algorithms.
  • Build and deploy detailed apps with integrated lifecycle management.
  • Synchronise and retrieve crucial data at your own convenience, with smart data access and management.

How Accely Can Help?

Migrating to SAP Hana is a challenging yet worthwhile task to be accomplished. There are multiple facets to be looked upon while working on the migration process.

Accely’s in-house team of SAP experts are well-equipped to provide you with a seamless migration experience. Client’s existing infrastructure and requirements are looked into and a detailed assessment report is prepared by technical team.

Expect the best of the technical assistance which includes code compliance, code re-development so that SAP Hana can be utilised to its maximum potential.

So, let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to help!

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