Corporate Social Responsibility


As boundaries blur and businesses get more global, corporate social responsibility (CSR), an unheard term till very recently, has been adopted by many large corporations, including Accely.

CSR – An Introduction

CSR is aimed at building sustainable businesses – businesses that perform optimally in an atmosphere that does not transgress economic, environmental and social parameters.

CSR is driven primarily by four factors:

1. Need for healthier growth : Growth is good, but when it is achieved at the risk of unwanted ramifications on the global economy, it won’t last long. CSR ensures that growth is achieved in a system where the economy, labor, markets and communities work synergistically and produce results that are mutually beneficial.

2. The call of society : Giving back to society (akin to giving back to nature) is fast gaining popularity and not without reason. Large corporations today are investing and contributing towards various social initiatives, for instance: infrastructure development.

3. Informed consumers : Prospective consumers today not only look at price tags or product costs, they also study the environmental and social impacts of the items they use and the CSR initiatives their preferred brands and businesses undertake. Transparency is the need of the hour, as people demand lesser ambiguity and more accountability from businesses.

4. The need for more : Businesses today are expected to go beyond creating jobs and contributing to the economy in terms of tax payments. They have to give better value at negligibly negative (or more preferably positive) impact on the social and environmental spheres globally. That is precisely where CSR steps in.

CSR – The Accely Way

CSR is one of the fundamental tenets Accely adheres by. The principles, ethics and commitments that define corporate social responsibility form the basis of our business operations.

Accely firmly believes that as a corporation that deploys significant public resources, we need to exist not for profits alone, but as entities that go beyond financial issues and put in a little extra – little extra in terms of the way we operate and the value we deliver to society.

Accely seeks to realize the social responsibility objectives it has set for itself by taking concrete action, rather than formulating plans that don’t reach completion. Our corporation strives to stay “green” in every endeavor it undertakes, to value our employees and respect human rights. We also invest in and develop innovative techno-economically viable, environment-friendly and sustainable products and services that benefit our consumers.

Accely’s CSR initiatives have, we’d like to think, made the world a little bit better, a little bit more vibrant, and a little bit happier. All our employees and the Accely brand as a whole work not only towards making globally smarter solutions, but also society and environment friendly ones

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