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Get Extensive GST Solutions to Simplify Tax Procurement Scenario

We have simplified Goods and Services Tax management with our innovative Accelerated GST solutions platform. This means business enterprises can streamline all tasks from digitally filing their GST returns to reconciling the invoices. Hence, enterprises can improve their business processes and adhere to GST introduced by the Government of India hassle-free.

Accelerated GST is the Core

The Goods and Services Tax is a single-window tax system, which is applicable to all goods and services by central and state governments. The GST is levied on the supply of goods and services starting from the manufacturing unit to the end-consumer.

Business organizations have stopped using manual vouchers and ledgers. But to comply with GST they need to have technical backup along with digitalizing records and automating the entire process. SAP is ready to help in the transition with the ability to file multiple returns and manage the entire returns automatically.


Implementing an Advanced ERP With GST

Any organization looking to implement the various facets of ERP with GST can unleash the following opportunities-

  • SAP GST helps to restructure all internal and external tax and business processes.
  • Easily upgrade all the master data.
  • Updating and implementing the latest ERP version.
  • Reconfiguration of the computation process.
  • Outgoing invoices are maintained in a sequence of numbers.
  • Strictly comply with the latest changes in the GST structure.


Salient Features of Accelerated GST Solutions

  • The tax procedure has been clearly computed and quoted. Clarity of deductibles and non-deductible GST calculations to simplify pricing.
  • Configuration of central and state import transactions to determine the accounts.
  • Simplifying the legal registrations of the enterprises in accordance with norms laid down by the government.
  • Easy processing of invoices due to sequential numbering.
  • Each of the document pages has numbers arranged in consecutive form.
  • The input CGST is used in accordance with results from IGST and output CST.
  • The auditing of input SGST is done based on the results of IGST and SGST.
  • The Accelerated GSTN systems can prepare and consolidate automated data reports submitted by tax-paying companies.
  • Determining capital purchases and sales across various channels.
  • Analyzing the sales and A/R invoices for the exemption of tax codes.


We also specialize in providing these additional features.

  • We help in developing invoice complaints and bills using Accelerated GST.
  • We will prepare and streamline GST Returns
  • Simplify your GST transactions
  • Simplification of GST accounting
  • Streamlining the inventory management system
  • Managing the branch
  • Barcoding
  • Point of Sales
  • Managing the project
  • Managing the manufacturing process


Benefits of Accelerated GST

  • It is based on the One Nation One Tax Theory. SAP GST covers one common market in the entire country.
  • Accelerated GST helps business enterprises to optimize their resources in a comprehensive manner.
  • The organizations can upgrade their financial reports and access them in real-time.
  • It provides improved control over tax revenue.
  • It allows enterprises to avoid tax cascading.
  • It is a comprehensive cloud-enabled SAP solution that saves your additional expenditure on servers.
  • We offer custom-based solutions to suit every requirement of the business.
  • Get free updates on the latest versions.
  • It could ideally suit businesses having multiple branches.
  • Accelerated GST is a cost-effective solution for all business sizes.

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