US-Based Biotechnology Company Leverages SAP AMS for Enhanced Agility


US-Based Biotechnology Company Leverages SAP AMS for Enhanced Agility

A biotechnology firm based in US has recently joined hands with Accely to implement its SAP AMS solution. Accely, a global SAP consulting company is recognized for delivering top-notch digital transformation solutions. This collaboration aims to improve the biotech company’s operational efficiency and agility.

The biotech company aims to find, develop, test, and provide medicines for patients with genetic diseases and cancers driven by clear genetic factors. They aim to connect scientific progress with patients who don’t have many treatment options. The company has 30 development programs in its pipeline, covering early discovery to late-stage clinical trials. They use different approaches like small molecules, gene therapy, and gene editing to tackle various genetic diseases.

A lack of a proper support system caused problems like delays in solving issues and inefficiencies in operations for their applications. This made it difficult for them to achieve their goals of advancing scientific discoveries and providing innovative treatments. Implementing SAP managed services is expected to address these challenges by providing comprehensive support, enhancing issue resolution, and optimizing overall performance.

Accely’s SAP AMS support offers a complete set of services to handle, enhance, and back up SAP applications at every stage. Biotech company expects to cut operational expenses and gain more flexibility by relying on the solution, giving them a competitive advantage. The services cover various tasks, such as managing the system, improving performance, handling upgrades, and managing patches. This lets the biotech company concentrate on what they do best while experts take care of their SAP applications. With SAP support, they get continuous monitoring, quick issue resolution, and ongoing enhancement of their SAP setup.

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