KSA’s Global Food Company Leverages SAP E-Invoicing for Operations


KSA's Global Food Company Leverages SAP E-Invoicing for Operations

One of the leading food companies in the world recently collaborated with Accely to leverage its E-invoice solution in KSA. The e-invoice solution aims to streamline the organization’s invoicing process, freeing up the bandwidth for essential operations.

The global-level food supplier contacted Accely for its e-invoice solution in KSA due to its recognition as one of the global SAP consulting companies. The organization also recognized Accely for its transformative solutions that define operations across a wide range of industries.

The business’s lack of a proper invoicing structure resulted in multiple setbacks. The organization needed help managing different aspects of global-level supplies while dedicating a part of its workforce to the invoicing process. With its recently integrated e-invoice solution, the global food company, which has been running its operations for over nine decades, now looks forward to leveraging its 1,00,000 employees workforce to better use. It aims to streamline the checkout procedures while focusing on better customer operations.

Electronic invoicing streamlines the entire process, allowing compliance documentation and invoices to work together to provide a more satisfying result. SAP E-invoicing reduces the risk of invoicing exceptions and errors by digitizing invoice data and linking it to received contracts, goods receipts, and purchase orders. Thanks to the unique customization properties of the solution, business owners of every scale now have an opportunity to match the requirements of their operations and scale the software as per their revenue.

With e-invoicing from the digital transformation partner, the food company now looks forward to improved customer service and higher revenue.