UAE-based Real Estate Giant Partners for Corporate Tax Implementation


UAE-based Real Estate Giant Partners for Corporate Tax Implementation

In its latest run of active collaborations, Accely has been successful in partnering with a UAE-based cement manufacturing giant for corporate tax solutions. The organization was on the lookout for a solution to streamline its tax solution and improve compliance systematically.

Accely, a trusted digital transformation partner, collaborated with the manufacturing conglomerate to streamline their tax procedures. With the latest tax software implementation to the legacy system, the company now has a better opportunity to focus on other core aspects of its operation.

Previously, the manufacturing conglomerate was having a hard time managing its books and complying with tax while managing a large-scale manufacturing output of 1.5 million tons of cement. It faced severe drawbacks in maintaining a streamlined flow of operations while keeping up with accounting and tax compliance.

However, with the latest corporate tax implementation and intelligent digital platform, the organization now looks forward to better operations. It aims to minimize the quality of tax data, minimize the cost of compliance, and improve overall tax management. The solution is also great for technical and security information as the built-in security systems from SAP give complete access to fool-proof operations.

Accely’s assistance in the latest implementation allows the organization to enjoy more streamlined operations with better tax compliance and controls. With the latest corporate tax software in place, the company looks forward to scaling its operations and improving revenue significantly.