Accelerated Corporate Tax Solutions to Automate Tax Compliance

The introduction of a federal corporate tax in the UAE has generated excitement among businesses and tax professionals. This development positions the UAE as the 4th GCC country to implement such a tax.

Starting from June 1, 2023, the UAE authorities have officially announced the implementation of corporate tax. As per the new law, businesses or taxable entities will be subject to a 9% corporate tax, effective from the beginning of their first financial year after June 1, 2023. This significant development marks a notable change in the taxation landscape of the UAE.

Accely’s Accelerated Corporate Tax Solution offers a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities to address the complexities and challenges faced by modern businesses in managing their tax requirements. From tax calculation and compliance to reporting and analysis, this solution provides a holistic approach to corporate tax management, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and workflows.

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Common Challenges Faced by Your Business


Manual processes lead to time-consuming tax calculations and paperwork.


Compliance risks due to the complexity and frequent changes in tax laws.


Inaccurate tax calculations and reporting, resulting in financial implications.


Limited visibility into tax positions and liabilities, hindering strategic decision-making.


Inefficient workflows and resource allocation, reducing productivity.


Challenges in optimizing tax planning strategies without advanced tools and analytics.

How Accelerated Corporate Tax Solutions Tackles
All The Challenges

Holistic tax compliance

Comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of tax compliance.

Automated calculations

Minimize errors and ensure accuracy through automated tax calculations.

Real-time monitoring

Gain immediate visibility into tax positions and liabilities for informed decision-making.

Simplified reporting

Generate accurate and compliant tax reports effortlessly.

Centralized data management

Store and manage tax-related data in a centralized system for easy access.

Scalable and adaptable

Designed to scale with business growth and adapt to changing tax requirements.

Best Practices to Maintain Corporate Tax Compliance

  • Stay updated on tax laws and regulations.
  • Maintain accurate and organized records.
  • Implement strong internal controls.
  • Seek guidance from tax professionals.
  • File tax returns and make payments on time.
  • Conduct regular tax reviews.
  • Engage in proactive tax planning.
  • Provide training and education to employees.
  • Document tax policies and procedures.
  • Perform regular external audits.

USPs Of Our Solution

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Why Opt for Accely’s Accelerated Corporate Tax Solution?

Faster Tax Processes: Accely’s solution automates tax calculations, data entry, and reporting, reducing the time required for tax compliance. This enables businesses to file tax returns and complete tax-related tasks more efficiently, leading to faster processing and submission of tax documents.

Improved Cash Flow: By streamlining workflows and automating approval mechanisms, Accely’s solution expedites the approval process for tax-related activities. This ensures faster receipt of tax refunds or credits, enhancing cash flow and providing businesses with additional working capital.

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