Accelerated Export-Import Solutions For Business Transformation

Our Accelerated EXIM solution is now SAP certified, it’s a combination of SAP principles. It covers a wide range of export-import processes which can be integrated with SAP easily at affordable cost. We operate on global level, ensuring complete support to our clients hailing from different geographies. Our EXIM domain experts offer advice on legal, local, and statutory needs as well ensuring single point of contact when it comes to EXIM implementation.

Common Challenges Faced by Your Business

  • Improper status of the amount in the Letter of Credit
  • Status of duty drawback pendency
  • Status of MEIS pendency
  • Unavailability and visibility of EXIM documents
  • Improper shipping without the Letter of Credit
  • Lack of export data update and monitoring

How Accelerated EXIM Address the Challenges?

Real-time analytics and insights into import/export processes helped ease report generation.

Easy tracking process and automation helped improve operational efficiency and eliminated the hassle of manual billing.

Improved data processing and reporting key indicators enabled better transparency and visibility in the export-import operations.

High-level security with customizable authorization to ensure the confidentiality of the documents.

It’s an all-in-one solution for the efficient management of export and import trade.

Accelerated Shipment Tracking Solutions from Accely

Track your Shipment movements at any time of the day with a custom-built tracking solution. The shipment Tracking software encourages day to day tracking of container movements. Your business is likely to reap advantage and reduce supply chain execution costs with better visibility, tracking and collaboration.

You no longer have to stay clueless for days about your container locations. Trace and track every movement of your container from a single destination. Skip multiple systems and switch to a uniform platform that offers a sturdy grip on all your shipping lines.

USPs Of Our Solutions

Corporate foreign trade compliance function.

Protect your global export supply chain against interpretational variances.

Legal Compliance with all Export- Import documentation and processes.

Flawless Digital Solutions for Your Export- Import Business

Leverage our deep domain expertise to fetch a better ROI for your domestic or international business.

Key ROI Indicators

Accelerated EXIM Key Benefits

Real-Time Tracking

You have the leverage to track schemes, licenses, and numerous letters of credit on an actual-time basis.

Assurance for Banks and Bonds

Accelerated EXIM solution allows you to handle the bond and bank guarantee details. These details can be issued and received for varied purposes.

Smooth Integration

It allows you to smoothly integrate with the standard SAP logistics module, SD/MM, and financial modules. It helps manage financial accounting, sales, distribution, and the management of materials.

Perks of The Letter of Credit Management

Accelerated EXIM helps to organize the letters of credit throughout the import and export process. It also helps you manage the bank limits, acceptance, and amendment process.

Improved Efficiency

Accelerated EXIM allows you to manage all business operations and import processes efficiently. With reduced manual efforts and increased automated processes helps improve the overall efficiency.

Simplified Exporting Documents & Process Management

The pre and post shipping documents make a significant role in customs clearance. You can easily produce post-shipment documentation based on the Letter of Credit terms and conditions.

Reduced Manual Errors

You don't have to follow the manual procedure to accomplish import and export activities. Accelerated EXIM offers an automated solution to reduce manual errors.

Transparency of the Banks

This solution provides you with important data and insights that allow you the bank to maintain clarity in the import-export procedure.

How Can Accelerated EXIM Help Your Business?

  • Reduced manual efforts
  • Commission tracking
  • Advanced freight module
  • Highly customizable
  • Advanced license and fulfillment of government schemes

Key Benefits


Schemes and License Management

We promise easy and smooth management services of schemes and supplement 360-degree end-to-end management of license & schemes development.


Accelerated Management of Export Incentive

We assure a cent percent precision in assisting Export Incentives, which helps retain a strategic distance from loss of Export income acquired due to manual training.


Management of Logistics Expense

Our solutions can help you track all your logistics costs and in detail. You have access to the budgeted cost and real expenditure.


Advanced Documentation

Our EXIM solution allows clients to make timely reports with minimal mistakes required for customs clearance, for instance pre-shipment and post-shipment.


Management of Exchange Finance

Direct information from SAP and LC reports automate the LC procedures for both export and import activities. This eliminates all manual errors in the process.

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