Machine Learning with SAP Leonardo


SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

Together machine learning and AI are going to rule in nearer future. In next 2 years, 55% of companies are going to adopt AI into their businesses. The SAP machine learning empowers the business by its bundle of self-learning AI APIs at a quite affordable cost and with an ease of implementation. It allows AI to be integrated into your business to provide more personalized experience to customers or employees and to automate the company workflow at the same time. The SAP Leonardo Machine Learning offers cloud deployment, readymade functionalities, algorithm implementation with data, and integration with Google TensorFlow model.

How can SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Services help business?

  • SAP Leonardo ML helps the business to optimize the businesses by its predictive APIs and data extractions from content like images, videos and more.
  • It hikes up the customer experience level via providing innovative ways such as image processing, natural language processing, tabular and time series processing for personalized shopping services.
  • The SAP ML-based solution is highly compatible with cloud infrastructure and can be seamlessly integrated to the APIs and web services.
  • SAP ML foundation offers a competent pricing model as per the requirement.

Since the inception of SAP ML, Accely is providing SAP ML-based solutions to the various industry verticals. Accely’s skilled and intelligent SAP professionals hold a quite good experience in various SAP Leonardo ML services like SAP Machine Learning Functional Services, SAP Machine Learning Predictive Services, SAP Predictive Analytics Integrator Service, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Business Service and so on.

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