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What is RISE with SAP?

To stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market, modern businesses must adopt novel business models that help them cut costs, free up capital for innovation, and update their most important systems with minimal disruption to their operations.

SAP is the answer to becoming a cloud-based, intelligent, and sustainable business. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, next-gen practices & cloud solutions, analytics, and business process intelligence, you can get a complete answer for cloud ERP. Guided services and services focused on outcomes are what SAP and its partners provide.

What does Rise with SAP Offer?

  • Proven best practices and modular architecture improve performance and agility.
  • One contact and contract for the entire transformation.
  • Cloud economics with your current functional scope.
  • Predictable cost of migration, reduced TCO, and faster ROI.
  • Side-by-side innovation and system upgrades delivered by SAP.
  • Flexible extensions and lower TCO.
  • Standardized system architecture in the cloud.
Rise SAP Offer

Key Benefits of RISE with SAP

Quicker transition to the cloud: RISE with SAP makes it simple for organizations to start using SAP's cloud-based services. With this, businesses can plan more confidently, and implementing cloud-based services is less of a hassle.

Complete with everything a company needs to begin its transformation, RISE with SAP is a comprehensive set of solutions. This encompasses smart enterprise software, best practices, and templates, as well as tools for transforming businesses.

Customers of RISE with SAP will have instantaneous access to any and all new features and improvements that SAP rolls out. For this reason, companies can rest assured that they are always employing cutting-edge technology.

Savings on initial expenditures for transformation are substantial when using RISE with SAP. It's more cost-effective for organizations to subscribe than to buy separate licenses for each service or tool they require.

The RISE with SAP system was developed to facilitate the unbroken flow of data between disparate departments and functions. That way, everything runs smoothly and in sync.

Able to expand in line with business needs, the RISE with SAP platform is scalable. The system can be tailored to your specific requirements as your company grows.

Protecting sensitive information is a top priority, and RISE with SAP provides an end-to-end solution that does just that.

Help from SAP's end is included in the price of RISE with SAP, and it's extensive. Everything from templates and guides to technical assistance is included.

The RISE with SAP system is adaptable, so it may be adjusted to fit your requirements. Because of the system's user-friendliness, implementing RISE with SAP is a breeze for enterprises.

Accely’s RISE with SAP Offerings

Accely's Rise with SAP solution helps businesses boost profits by improving the efficiency of business operations, adapting quickly to new circumstances, and coordinating the use of internal and external resources.

We also assist in enhancing the service-using experience by streamlining the contract and commercial details and introducing a more user-friendly support model and monthly upgrades.

Capabilities of RISE with SAP to Fit your Business Needs

Rise SAP Offer

Scope of SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition

All of SAP's ERP functionalities, as well as localization and best practices for 64 different regions, are included in S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition.

Hybris for e-commerce and customer relationship management; Ariba Network for procurement and supply chain management; Fieldglass for vendor management; and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central for human resources are just some of the business applications that can be integrated with S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition.

rise pie chart

Why choose Accely as your RISE with SAP Partner?

Accely’s business platform for RISE with SAP provides cloud-based dynamic business scalability. Our OneCloud base enables safe and secure RISE migration. We provide customers with a business-driven, outcome-based, future-state architecture that is cost-effective.

What does Rise with SAP Offer?

Is RISE with SAP Public or Private Cloud?

Access to the SAP Business Network (which includes Ariba) and intelligent business process reengineering (which is bolstered by SAP’s recently acquired process-mining capabilities) are all part of SAP’s Rise with SAP offering, in addition to the company’s S/4HANA Cloud ERP and migration and implementation services provided by SAP partners.

What does RISE with SAP include?

A RISE with SAP package includes the following five core elements: Business Process Intelligence, Tools and Services for Technical Migration, Cloud ERP System, SAP BTP, and SAP Business Network Starter Pack.

Is RISE with SAP a SaaS or PaaS?

With Rise with SAP, customers receive a bundle of software and services centered on SAP S/4HANA as a SaaS model.


RISE with SAP is an integrated suite of products and services available as a subscription service. Rise with SAP’s flagship product is S/4 HANA Cloud version, which enables clients’ cloud infrastructures to function in a SAP data center or with a hyperscale of their choosing.

What are the components of RISE with SAP?

  • Business Process Intelligence
  • Tools and Services for Technical Migration
  • Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
  • SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack

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