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Healthcare business models are constantly evolving with health IT as the industry expands. Due to soaring costs you need to control various processes that govern this sector and for this, an efficient Hospital Information System (HIS) is necessary. At Accely, our healthcare IT services enabling HIS solutions address this need, while leveraging existing infrastructure.

Whether it are a large hospital or a medium sized hospital, nursing home or a clinic, Accely Hospital Information System is a comprehensive solution that automates the clinical, administrative and supply-chain functions and enables the healthcare providers to improve their operational effectiveness, consequently reducing costs and medical errors, while enhancing quality of care.

Based on the Microsoft .NET platform, Accely Hospital Information System has robust modules all integrated seamlessly to each other and is deployed in some of the biggest hospitals across Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and APAC regions.

Accely Hospital Information System has robust functionality covering billing and administration, electronic medical records, electronic health records, clinical systems, supply chain modules and business intelligence. The clinical system comprises an electronic patient record which forms the core of the system and links to all other departments in the hospital. This helps in providing improved clinical outcomes and better diagnosis and care to the patients. The administrative and supply chain modules improve productivity and efficiency, driving down costs and waste.


Accely Hospital Information System encompasses the following systems:

  • Doctors and nurses can access case sheets, order tests and prescribe medication
  • Doctors can customize templates for various specialties; maintain operative notes and surgery records in the operation theatre and path lab
  • OT notes are completely automated
  • Discharge summary with reports of diagnostic tests, vitals, doctors notes along with medication administered
  • All clinical areas like laboratory, phlebotomy, cardiology, radiology etc. are completely automated through modules like Laboratory Information Systems and other corresponding modules
  • Interfaces to all lab equipments, PACS, diagnostic equipments

The Hospital Information System has advanced intelligence tools that enable the management of the healthcare facilities to take informed real-time decisions. It supports workflows, alerts and notifications which help keep critical business as well as clinical parameters in control. The Accely Hospital Information System has functionality of business intelligence and knowledge portal that has KPIs for advanced decision making and content for knowledge sharing.

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