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Engineering, Construction and Procurement (EPC) is a common form of contracting arrangement where the EPC contractor (EPCC) agrees to deliver the keys of a commissioned plant to the owner for an agreed contract.


In the global arena, an EPC contract is a complex phenomenon, with coordination with various agencies making it a very demanding task. Accely has understood the complexities of this business domain that involves the multiple touch points across the lifecycle.

How Accely Helps

Accely determines the baseline technology architecture needs of EPC players i.e. application software, hardware, network, communications and security environment to support the business processes and ensures high availability of critical key business solutions to offer higher scalability and inter-operability to make flow of information seamless and integrated.

Accely’s Engineering & Construction offers solutions tailored to meet the needs of several key industry segments:

  • Machinery and equipment companies, with such functions as prototyping and product development, collaborative engineering, inquiry and quotation processing, sales cycle management, manufacturing and delivery, and service fulfillment
  • Contractors and engineering companies, with functions for collaborative design and specification, site planning and scheduling, project management and execution, commissions, startup and hand-over, and equipment, fleet, and tool management
  • Residential and commercial construction companies, with functions for land development and acquisition, warranty and post construction support, work planning and preparation, Web-enabled services, and real estate and property management

Our EPC infrastructure offerings include,


Infrastructure Provision

  • Networking (Active and Passive Infrastructure)
  • Estimation Tools and Project Management
  • Asset Management and resource mobilization
  • Contract Management

Application Packages

  • ERP
  • Estimation Solution
  • Document Management System
  • Asset Management


  • Price Estimation
  • Resource Allocation
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Building Monitoring System
  • Risk Management Solution

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