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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can mean new agility for your organization, enabling you to leverage IT assets for more efficient and creative business processes. That lets you adjust quickly and economically to the changing needs of today—and for the next generation of business.

Accely’s SOA Center of Excellence (CoE) offers mature methodologies and expertise to help make your SOA a reality. We begin with an enterprise-wide view of SOA and how to implement it strategically. Our architects consult with you on best practices, such as creating federations to eliminate technology and organizational silos. Meanwhile, we focus on semantic SOA governance to help you implement scalable and controlled enterprise solutions.

Our SOA CoE’s focus is on understanding vendors’ stack-specific strengths and weaknesses. Leveraging our ongoing partnerships with key vendors, such as IBM and Microsoft, we gain early knowledge of the latest software releases—so by the time a new, innovative solution hits the market, we already have a set of capabilities ready for engagement.


Our Services

Accely takes a “Lifecycle Services” approach to SOA, enabling end-to-end adoption. We offer four major service components:

Strategy Services

  • SOA Business Transformation Strategy Definition
  • SOA Legacy Transformation Strategy Definition
  • Appliance Adoption Strategy Definition and Optimization

Assessment Services

  • SOA Maturity Assessment and Adoption Roadmap (SMM4E)
  • SOA Governance Maturity Model For Services (GMM4S)

Architecture Services

  • SOA Definition & Assessment
  • SOA Security Architecture Definition
  • Service-Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Event and Time Driven SOA Definition and Assessment

Governance Services

  • SOA Governance Process Definition and Modeling

Accelerators and Frameworks

Our SOA CoE deploys an extensive range of accelerators and frameworks, including:

  • N-View—Offers an architecture assessment framework
  • Architecture Workbench—Drives the software architecture specification process
  • Café.SOA—Enhances project productivity, promotes standardization and improves the quality of SOA project deliverables

Accely’s Maturity and Assessment Roadmap provides a framework for SOA adoption in evolutionary and pragmatic fashion. And our Service Maturity Model for Enterprises (SMM4E)—which includes benchmarks and standards that measure SOA adoption and maturity based on business impact—helps assess your capabilities and mold the services and solutions that best meet your needs.

Cases in Point

The SOA CoE team has generated transformational returns for dozens of organizations worldwide. Those clients have benefited from increased operational agility and reduced IT costs, as well as standardized business processes that boost both top- and bottom-line performance. Among our success stories:

  • For a leading European news provider, we created a detailed SOA adoption plan and roadmap, which yielded a strategic solution for repurposing content on multiple customer platforms.
  • For a leading bank, we used SOA to tighten application integration and centralization of payment processes. This enabled the bank to introduce new products and services with minimal delay.
  • For a large credit card transaction processor, we used SOA to centralize exception management, avoiding duplication of work and conforming to open standards.

Let our experts help your organization understand how SOA can meet your business challenges, efficiently and strategically.

It is crucial for businesses to become more agile and flexible in order to sustain, build and retain the competitive advantage. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the key in building agile and flexible IT systems. To realize the strategic value of SOA, enterprises have to aggressively envision, strategize, design, develop, deploy and optimize SOA transformation as part of their overall business process transformation initiatives.

Accely views SOA services as the key to enable business benefits. It helps organizations to strategically align IT to their business process transformation needs. We provide SOA consulting, business process and technology transformation solutions based on SOA leveraging business, technology and infrastructure assets. The comprehensive SOA service set includes,

  • Enterprise SOA Transformation Services (SOA Consulting, SOA enablement, SOA Life Cycle Plan, SOA Reference Architecture)
  • SOA Business Process Services (Business Process Modeling, Optimization, Governance and Management)
  • SOA Package Application (ESOA) and Application Integration Solutions
  • SOA System Integration Services
  • Legacy Migration and Infrastructure Services (helping customers re-engineer products into SOA, providing a framework to measure business benefits through Service Oriented Infrastructure, build Virtualization Solutions, etc.)
  • Platform Enabled BPO Services (Based on proprietary SOA Platform – SOBay)

Accely has forged strategic alliances and partnerships for SOA with leading product and service vendors and partners. Partners include IBM, HP, BEA, Oracle, webMethods and Parasoft.

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