KSA’s Metal Processing Company Leverages E-Invoicing Solution


KSA's Metal Processing Company Leverages E-Invoicing Solution

Accely has been regular at engaging with its clients. One such engagement brings us to one of Saudi’s leading metal trading and processing conglomerates. This time, the requirement was to streamline their e-invoicing hurdles.

Running its operations since 1988, the company has revolutionized the process of recycling metals. However, amidst all the change it sought to bring to the metal sector, there were a few drawbacks where the company could not pick up its pace.

For instance, even with such expanded operations across three different sectors, the business failed to streamline its e-invoicing process, and the slow invoicing was a repercussion that ultimately reduced the effectiveness of its operations.

This is where Accely stepped in with an innovative solution for the metal industry magnate. We introduced the organization to our accelerated e-invoice solution. With access to the e-invoicing procedure, the company could keep up with its pace of operations and streamline its business processes like never before.

Overall, with a straightforward approach to the invoicing process using the E-invoicing solution for KSA, the company was able to fix its most significant hurdle of slow invoice generation. This way, they could also provide their customer with a more real-time purchase experience.