A Leading European Industrial Processing Company Partners With Accely For SAP Managed Services


SAP Managed Services

A renowned industrial processing company in Europe approached Accely to provide SAP Managed Services.

The company specializes in stainless steel boiler-making and heat exchange systems, developing, manufacturing, and marketing milk coolers and wine-making equipment as well as equipment for cryogenic processes and freezing for the food-processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

They realized it is important to embrace Managed Services to support their existing SAP solutions and prepare them for the changing demands of the industrial processing market in the future. SAP Managed Services will enable them to gain continuous support and maintenance when they wish to scale up their practice. Additionally, it will also improve the performance of their SAP applications to help provide better customer service and products.

Accely provides effective SAP Managed Services to help organizations reap maximum benefit from their SAP model.