Dubai’s Construction Giant Streamlines Efficiency with SAP Lift and Shift HANA Upgrade


Dubai's Construction Giant Streamlines Efficiency with SAP Lift and Shift HANA Upgrade

Recently, a Dubai based construction giant has joined hands with Accely. The company aims to streamline its operational efficiency with SAP lift and shift HANA upgrade. As a global SAP consulting partner, Accely will help the company with its expertise and support.

This company is a manufacturer of building and construction materials based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They manufacture a wide range of building materials, including concrete blocks, pavers, pipes, and precast products. The company is committed to world-class quality, exceeding customer expectations, and providing the best service in the industry. With SAP support, this leading construction company will gain a competitive advantage.

SAP HANA migration will envolve in depth assessment, data cleansing, and system optimization to ensure a smooth transition. Accely’s collaborative efforts will not only address potential challenges but also prepare SAP HANA system for upgrade. This will ensure minimal disruption to the company’s day-to-day operations.

The construction company is currently working closely with Accely to get its current SAP HANA system ready for an upgrade. They are making sure that the data is accurate and relevant to improve the overall performance of the SAP HANA system and make business processes more efficient. The transition is carefully planned and carried out to reduce downtime and make sure the change happens smoothly for everyone involved.

The successful SAP lift and shift HANA upgrade will empower the construction giant with a cutting-edge platform, enabling real-time analytics, improved decision-making, and enhanced overall operational efficiency. The company will be better positioned to meet the demands of the construction industry and drive innovation in its future projects.

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