The Benefits of using S/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud



SAP Analytics Cloud is an impeccable and compatible solution for several firms that already uses SAP S/4HANA to handle several business areas such as sales, HR, finance, marketing, manufacturing, etc.

S/4HANA consists of pre-implanted analytics such as standard features. However, SAP Analytics Cloud functions as a distinct analytics tool.

This article will help you to determine how SAP Analytics Cloud supplements SAP S/4HANA’s pre-implanted analytics to improve the value of SAP S/4HANA.

In this article, we have discussed-



1) Understanding SAP S/4HANA

Several business owners are unaccustomed to the name SAP S/4HANA. It’s called Enterprise Resource Planning, commonly referred to as ERP software. This software helps with the management and integration of business operations such as purchasing, planning, sales, manufacturing, marketing, and more.

It resembles a firm’s digital focal point. SAP S/4HANA possesses a set of integrated applications that can help store, collect, manage, and analyze data.


2) SAP S/4HANA implanted analytics

  • You can now work on real-time data with the help of SAP S/4HANA analytics tool.
  • The forecast feature in this tool helps you simulate, predict, and perform analyses.
  • Business dashboards and reports offer you transactional data that can resolve all your ad-hoc queries. This data can also provide you valuable insights required for your business.
  • SAP S/4HANA acts as a uniform platform to provide analytics and transactions. You no longer have to switch multiple screens or use varied tools to acquire this information.


3) Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud?

This is a renowned and effective cloud-based analytics tool. Irrespective of the size of your firm, you can use this tool to analyze the data. This data can be easily imported, modeled, or connected live. You can also transform this data into graphical representation such as charts, tables, graphs, etc.

This data-driven information helps you to make better business decisions.


Advantages of blending SAP S/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud

Often, business owners have a question regarding the need for investing in both SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Discussed here are some of the benefits of SAP S/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud


4) Digital Transformation

  • Several businesses make optimal use of SAP Analytics Cloud right in the initial planning phase.
  • It also helps you to transform data and planning from multiple ERP systems to S/4HANA Cloud.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud accumulates data from multiple departments and ERP instances. You can acquire data from sources such as SAP Concur, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, etc.
  • This blend allows you to acquire data effortlessly from non-SAP sources as well. This provides you the real picture of your business.
  • Optimal use of the analysis feature helps you to prioritize conversions, determine ROI factors, and boost results.


5) Digital Boardroom

  • SAP Analytics Cloud has another popular attribute called SAP digital boardroom.
  • You can now have an interactive discussion on the live data rather than boring static presentations.
  • The live discussion saves you from lengthy mail trails, doubts are cleared during the presentations, reduces delay in data management or approval, and improves business productivity.
  • Pitch in information from competitors, third-parties, and other business departments.
  • Get real-time visuals of the actual business statistics and the overall business performance.


6) Live Data Connection

  • S/4HANA allows you to reap the benefits of a live data connection. You can enable live data connection with SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Once you have established the connectivity, all the alterations in the data get directly reflected in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • You no longer have to transfer your massive business data. It is directly accessible through SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • You acquire updated business data within a few clicks.
  • The striking combination of SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4HANA allows you to check data from your mobile device as well.
  • A secure cloud network allows you to share, view, and work on the business data seamlessly.


7) Advanced Modeling Capabilities

  • You acquire robust modeling capabilities as SAP Analytics Cloud is compatible with SAP S/4HANA.
  • This offers you better control and tailored data.
  • The card view mode offers you the 360-degree overview of your data. This means that you don’t have to run through multiple tabs and tools to accumulate all your business information.
  • The modeling feature allows you to clean your data and hence generate accurate analysis.
  • You can now acquire multiple hierarchies, aggregation, and advanced formulas, rectify errors, currency conversion, and several other tasks.


The real advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4HANA can be visualized once you start using it for your business. Experts can guide you to make optimal use of these features for your regular business operations and also expansion.

Irrespective of the nature of your industry, the benefits of SAP HANA along with SAP Analytics Cloud is an effective and fruitful blend to manage your business needs. 

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