SAP Supply Chain Execution solution

SAP SCE delivers the uppermost efficiency to the today’s logistics industries by bringing higher transparency, scalability, and rapidity into the IT systems.


Plugging SAP SCE to Your System Can Help You Rise Sky High

SAP SCE industry-specific solution will empower your business to automate the entire supply chain system. SAP SCE integration can help you with many impressive benefits:

  • Elimination of manual intervention, almost all processes are automated
  • A synchronization of goods movement in the entire supply chain
  • An improved order management with the futuristic features
  • Huge decrease in the logistics cost
  • Inventory optimization with best benefits
  • Speedy response and quite low processing time
  • High efficiency in the resource allocation
  • High rise in employee productivity
  • Real-time Data Analysis to improve the entire channel
  • A decrease in the returns and human errors
  • Higher customer satisfaction

SAP SCE Empowers the Smoother Functioning in All Logistics Areas

SAP SCE has come up with superior functionalities and features such as procurement, manufacturing, order fulfillment, warehousing, transportation management, shipping, inventory management, and more.

Let’s take look at the three impacting modules of SAP SCE:

Warehouse Logistics

  • An extended warehouse management with sharp features and high-performance processes
  • An integration with RFID, mobile devices, and conveyor technology
  • Dock appointment scheduling for better goods management
  • Highly advanced goods issue and receipt system
  • Hired Labor and Settlement Systems

Transportation Management

  • Advanced order management and planning
  • Transportation capacity management, planning, and monitoring
  • Freight cost management and settlement
  • Transportation tendering & orders
  • Career Booking and Handling of sea freight, rail transport, and air cargo

Supply Chain Planning

  • Design and development of supply network
  • Supply and distribution planning
  • Transportation resource planning
  • Supply chain control tower
  • Global batch traceability

Why should you entrust Accely for SAP SCE integration?

  • Accely is a certified SAP partner with years of experience in SAP SCE integration.
  • Accely SAP team holds a proficiency in SAP mobility, analytics, cloud and Internet of things to keep your business well-connected and highly progressive.
  • The Accely’s experienced and excellent SAP SCE team can turn your traditional logistics application to a full-fledged SAP SCE driven real-time application.
  • Using SAP SCE, Accely team will set up an end to end collaboration with your departments that are working remotely.
  • Accely’s automated supply chain execution will empower the business to expand further.
  • Round the clock support and maintenance to ensure the supreme success of the application
  • Highly competent pricing model to suit the business requirements.

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