Extended Warehouse Management


SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

SAP EWM satisfies a majority of the warehouse management needs and saves a company from additional IT development of inventory and warehouse management.



A traditional inventory management system doesn’t cover the complexities of today’s goods-in and goods-out operations. Apart from the goods movement, there are other warehouse management operations such as goods receipt & goods issue, customer order fulfillment, goods distribution, cross-docking, shipping logistics, and labor management & analytics that need to be incorporated into the SAP system. SAP EWM is a complete package specially designed and developed to serve the needs of multi-client and large distribution companies. SAP EWM is different from the inventory management because inventory management only calculates the goods transfer whereas EWM monitors the goods movement and records it in a detail. Moreover, SAP EWM can be easily integrated to SAP business suite.

SAP EWM delivers a myriads of benefits to an organization

  • EWM provides supreme efficiency to fulfill customer orders with automation and an end to end synchronization across multiple warehouses or departments.
  • An excellent system to monitor not only the goods movement but also all the warehouse activities with in-depth details.
  • A smoother warehouse management empowers the company to mitigate the complex issues in quite shorter durations.
  • SAP EWM keeps the inventory data correct and precise so that an order fulfillment process can be accomplished on time.
  • SAP EWM is highly compliant with other modules of SAP.
  • SAP EWM provides an end to end transparency to the material flow system which supports the planning, tracking, optimizing, and enhancing the entire warehouse management system.
  • A comprehensive package and highly advanced EWM significantly reduces the risk of failure and human errors.
  • Value-added services like vendor management, resource optimization, serial number and batch number management, inventory synchronization, and much more.

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