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What is SAP Marketing Cloud?

SAP Marketing Cloud – a product for marketers designed to deliver personalized brand experiences with intelligent marketing. SAP Marketing Cloud solution gives an opportunity to the marketing and sales team to understand and offer real-time insights to reach customers. With this solution, they can deliver dynamic solutions across different channels.

SAP Marketing Cloud offers an end-to-end solution to reach your customers and dynamically engage with them. You acquire a better scope converting this engagement into sales.

This solution accumulates all the available customer data and then creates relevant customer profiles. Customer’s purchase history, and experiences are utilized to derive this information. The mere presence of the advanced technology helps you to evaluate their future demands.

Key Features of
SAP Marketing Cloud

Real-Time Offer Management

SAP Marketing Cloud provides real-time high accuracy audience segmentation that helps in customize campaigns as per the client’s requirement across countless channels.

Transparent Data

This SAP solution lets you handle data with care. It allows you to create transparency and manage data between you and your customers. This gives you a scope to set apart from your competitors.

Data Segmentation

Easy accumulation of structured and unstructured data from all available sources. You can acquire information about customer interactions, individual scores, company-specific KPIs.

Lead Nurturing

Auto-evaluation and creation of marketing leads helps to boost efficiency of the marketing and sales team. Invest resources in qualified leads to increase actual sales. The score can be enriched with their past purchase behavior and eventually improve the nurturing process.

Web Tracking

SAP Marketing Cloud suggests you to follow all essential digital steps. It can help update your customer profiles and segments through its automated functionality. This can amplify your customer contacts and campaign efficiency.

Lead Scoring

Qualify and organize your contacts based on their individual preferences. Create scores or use auto-generated scores for effective audience segmentation. These scores can help you to design a proper and useful marketing campaign as per your audience.

Why You Must Choose
SAP Marketing Cloud?


Be one of the rare enterprises to utilize the latest technology for your business. Utilize and incorporate new features and capabilities to stay ahead in the industry. Transform your marketing ROI with the best available solution- SAP Marketing Cloud.

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Reduced Expenses
With Cloud

Cloud marketing platform allows you to eliminate business costs. This platform lets you utilize resources optimally and avoid wastage of resources. You can actually utilize resources in actual marketing and not around it.

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Roadmap to
Intelligent Marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud opens a way to intelligent marketing for several businesses through cloud-based technologies and solutions. Pre-built integration can help you to suffice customer demands.

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Use of The Latest
Technology Within Budget

SAP Marketing Cloud is a constantly evolving solution. It suggests you modern-age plugins, extensions, integrations, and use of advanced technologies. It grants you an opportunity to move ahead with the changes and adapt them for effective business results. All these changes are comparatively inexpensive and fit well within your budget.

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SAP has helped several businesses and has transformed their approaches. It has redefined the way they function so that they can make the best of their potential and earn improved ROI. It has helped to amplify business value with a reliable ecosystem.

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How Can SAP Marketing Cloud Help Your Business?

  • Easy management of massive data
  • Advanced analytics
  • Market segmentation and target group
  • Relevant content & design
  • Campaign optimization and real-time suggestions
  • Campaign evaluation and performance management
  • Popular solution for Omnichannel customer communication
  • Enables contextual marketing across all business ends
  • KPI-driven control, alignment & evaluation of marketing activities
  • Automated and integrated marketing is enabled through this flexible solution

A 360 Degree Marketing Solution For all Your Business Operations

B2B Marketing

  • Gain an integration view of your contacts and accounts by capturing data across the entire enterprise
  • Identify and target customers with account-based marketing across touchpoints with timely and personalized engagements
  • Support your teams with the intelligent insights to make effective decisions

Inspiring Customers at All Touch Points

  • Companies able to offer both personalized and contextual experience with an omnichannel strategy across all touchpoints helps to gain a competitive edge over competitors
  • Online, offline, via app, social media, or wearables – a marketing technology creating meaningful customer engagement across all channels and in all markets is necessary.
  • SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP CRM and SAP Marketing Cloud are the ideal tools for supporting your marketing processes.

Motivating Employees Through Innovation

  • Provide your marketing staff with user-friendly tools for digital growth:
  • Creating dynamic, automated customer profiles
  • Identifying and addressing target groups
  • Understanding the when, where, and why of the customer’s buying process
  • Planning, running, and analyzing campaigns

Accely completely understands omnichannel customer journey and how marketing, sales, service, and ecommerce can all support each other. It assists clients achieve one view of the customer across all channels, benefiting the entire organization.

Accely experienced expert team SAP architects accompany you all the way from strategic planning through integration to optimization.

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