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With the innovation of technology and the introduction of multiple fields, it's becoming harder and harder to identify, connect, track, manage and maintain the movement of the prospective and existing customer for intelligent data management online.

The reason behind such hindrance in tracking their behaviour is because customers today use numerous channels to get to know the products or services of specific companies they want to use or buy. They will search sites, read research papers, compare specifications and pricing through tools and refer to influencer posts on all social media platforms before making a “Buy” decision.

But our current challenge at hand is to predict, understand, and match their online behaviour to keep up the engagement, give a personalized feeling, and help conclude the sales. This way we can understand prospective customers, address them via diverse channels, win them and bind them in the long run.

Talking of the immediate solution, the C/4HANA Suite under Accely’s Customer Experience (CX) framework is one end-to-end solution to provide a precise pathway to understand and predict omnichannel customer presence. C/4HANA also provides a uniform view of prospective customers, through which enterprises can predict and support the potential customers buying behaviour and decisions, in the best possible way.

Further, it’s evident that the design and delivery of such exceptional, unified digital customer experience require both technology landscape planning and organizational change management, to ensure perfect alignment.

Considering the entire landscape of customer transformation and adaption, C/4HANA ensures an optimal customer experience with the added advantage of having intelligent systems and advanced technologies such as machine learning.