SAP Application Services Overview


SAP Application Services Overview:

Progressive organizations in any business industry vertical will invest in SAP initiatives to offer better value to their customers by ensuring they stay ahead of competition by implementing the best practices across all their operations. SAP solutions are an enabler of their initiatives and Accely, with its SAP expertise, helps customers succeed in these transformational initiatives.

Our SAP solutions are based on our team’s extensive project experience and focused strategy on SAP. We work in close cooperation with SAP to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

Through our proven expertise, we help our customers maximize the ROI of SAP investments.

Our Expertise

Our service portfolio includes end-to-end business solutions and implementations on SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Business Suite including new dimension products.

We have a proven track record of end-to-end implementations across diverse industries. We offer our clients a ‘thought partnership’ that enables them to evaluate the right ERP solution (pre-implementation consulting),design and a business blue print aligned with their business goals, and implement a solution which extracts maximum value from their SAP systems.

We are experienced in multiple execution models for effective rollouts, both phased and the one at a go approach. We have developed tools to reduce cost, improve offshore delivery percentage and enhance productivity for our clients.

We accelerate the solution implementation lifecycle through effective use of ASAP methodology by providing pre-configured process mappings and adopting industry best practices.


Discovery & Evaluation | Implementation & Rollout | Application Management | NetWeaver Services | Upgrade Services | | Business Intelligence | Shared Services

Discovery and Evaluation Services

The time and investment required for evaluating an ERP solution and the impact it can have on your business is significant. Hence, organizations need to make fully informed decisions with respect to the scalability and suitability of an ERP solution to meet their business needs.

Accely guides its customers in identifying the most suitable SAP solutions for their industry and business, and then helps them evaluate and select the one that best meets their requirements.

Package Review, Evaluation and Selection Service benefit our customers by allowing them to make better, faster, and more cost-effective business decisions.

Accely’ Discovery and Evaluation Services include :

  • Solution Envisioning
  • Business Case and Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Industry Best Practices Adoption
  • Business Process Analysis – Arrive at goals, objectives and KPIs to measure progress
  • IS Planning for SAP Implementation
  • Gap Analysis and Fitment Analysis
  • Migration Study
  • Integration Study
  • Project Scoping and Sizing

In addition to selecting the optimal SAP solution and implementation strategy that best meets your business needs, Accely also offers assistance to your IT team in defining :

  • Future-state application architecture
  • Future-state technical infrastructure
  • Business case for remote connectivity to enable mobility while using your SAP applications

Benefits of SAP ERP

  • Facilitates global integration by bridging the barriers of currency exchange rates, language and culture
  • Reduces data redundancy as updates need to be done only once for company-wide implementation
  • Provides real-time information, reducing the possibility of redundancy errors
  • Creates a more efficient work environment, making it easier for employees to perform their duties, thereby enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness
  • Standardization of business processes across
  • organization
  • Consolidation of statutory financial reporting
  • Compliance of Section 404 across all the organizations
  • Governance of corporate policies in various units
  • spread across different geographies
  • Development of custom applications – Provides organizations with unique solutions for extending or enhancing standard SAP solutions and building completely new and innovative
  • Development of custom enterprise services – Offers tailored, customer-specific enterprise services for SAP Business Suite and SAP Business All-in-One solutions
  • Make-to-order composition – Delivers custom composite applications – such as end-user applications – remotely, quickly through SAP’s existing enterprise services
  • Support for custom-developed solutions – Offers support services for properly operating a custom solutions over its entire lifecycle and after the application of support and enhancement packages
  • Speed-to-market – Adapt processes to meet changing business and market conditions – quickly, improve ability to respond to customer demands and outperform business competitors
  • Quality and upgradeability – Verify the quality of custom solutions and leverage proven SAP development methodologies to safeguard upgradeability
  • Lower risk – Synchronize custom solutions with SAP’s future release strategy Long-term support – Protect investments with support services that safeguard custom solutions for their entire life cycle

Implementation & Rollout

Our experience in AMS projects provides an adaptable framework to customers to transition and run Application Management activities based on its Delivery Model. Aceely’s SAP team can help you harmonize your Support processes across different businesses to derive the best value for your business.

We have a well-defined governance structure in place to engage with clients, which includes escalation management, risk management, scope and integration management, reviews, program management through best practices & quality control, and a well-defined change management strategy.

We have a proven track record of end-to-end implementations across diverse industries. We offer our clients a ‘thought partnership’ that enables them to evaluate the right ERP solution (pre-implementation consulting), design a business blueprint aligned with their business goals, and implement a solution which extracts maximum value from their SAP systems.


Our rollout methodology is based on a combination of SAP standard tools such as Solution Manager, as well as tools and templates developed in-house to accelerate the rollout process.

Our Global Delivery Model is backed by our strategically located delivery centres and knowledge of local, legal and statutory requirements across different countries. We deploy a rich library of reusable components during different phases in the project to accelerate the rollout.

Elements of SAP Rollouts

  • Benefits
  • Process Standardization
  • Process modelling
  • Template Creation
  • Local Process modelling
  • Merge Global & Local Processes

Expansion of business in new emerging market is becoming the buzz word across corporate environment. This exposes the organizations to the challenge of harmonizing the existing business processes across geographies while maximizing the benefits of local practices. SAP Rollouts deliver a global template solution addressing these very needs.


Application Management

We help to create unique solutions for accommodating specific business needs, optimizing processes, increasing speed-to-market, improving quality, and reducing risk.

As a result of working closely with our custom solution development and support organization, customers can realize these business-critical competitive advantages :

NetWeaver Services

Broad Level NetWeaver Services

  • SAP Business Warehouse Solutions
  • Web Dynpro Development, UI Design
  • SAP NetWeaver Integration
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Custom Software Solution for SAP Netweaver
  • xApps Implementation
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Implementation
  • SAP Master Data Management Solutions

Accely’s Offering

  • Assessment and design of the data warehouse technical architecture and infrastructure
  • Enterprise data modelling
  • Custom design of Business Warehouse Solutions
  • Implementation support for standard business content
  • Analysis of query performance
  • Technical support and maintenance services

SAP NetWeaver Integration

Most companies recognize collaboration as a critical factor for business success. To implement collaborative business, companies need to integrate their existing heterogeneous IT landscapes and extend this integration to their business partners, customers, and suppliers.

SAP NetWeaver is an open integration and application platform that ideally manages heterogeneity and powers collaborative solutions, making it possible to tie disparate systems together in single, point-to-point integration projects, and largely reduce the complexity and cost of this process.

SAP NetWeaver Does This Through

  • People Integration (by means of Enterprise Portal (EP),Collaboration)
  • Information Integration (by means of Knowledge Management (KM),
  • Business Warehouse (BW) with pre-configured SAP BI Content, Master Data
  • Management (MDM) Business Process Integration (by means of Exchange
  • Infrastructure (XI), Business Process Management (BPM), Integration Broker)

Application Platform (supporting ABAP, Java, and Web services)

Unique Advantage of SAP NetWeaver

  • Preconfigured with business content
  • Interoperable and extensible with both Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere and supports Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • Significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)-not only for SAP solutions, but also for the entire enterprise IT landscape

Accely’s Offering

  • Enterprise application integration on SAP NetWeaver Platform
  • SAP NetWeaver helps you get more from your current IT Investment today – and is the Foundation for Innovative Cross-Enterprise Process in the future! Enterprise application migration to SAP NetWeaver platform
  • Customization and integration of SAP products with third-party products and legacy applications
  • Heterogeneous system integration
  • Integration of complex software and hardware components
  • Data replication and electronic software distribution solution development
  • Data migration

Upgrade Services

Our Upgrade services enable clients to extract full value from higher versions of SAP ERP. Our tool-based approach has received wide acknowledgement. This includes mentions in SAP publications and websites, as well as leadership ratings by analysts. Our robust upgrade roadmap paves the way for broader transformational changes, which in turn delivers tangible business results for our clients.

We have a number of complex SAP upgrades under our belt. This has allowed us to develop comprehensive processes that include thorough upfront assessment and rapid upgrade implementation with known timescales and predictable cost.

Three Steps to Upgrade Assess:Upgrade assessment for evaluating system readiness Scope: Build value proposition for upgrade Upgrade:Technical / Functional upgrade for optimum value benefit

Our customers are facing a constantly changing business environment and pressures for new product rollouts with reduced time to market. They rely on an adaptable and robust infrastructure to maintain operational efficiency.

We provide our customers with a well structured and documented approach for SAP version upgrade. Having the experience of multiple SAP upgrades through a well defined upgrade methodology we enable a smooth, optimal and effective transition. We ensure that in your quest for business excellence and performance improvement you do not need to make compromises and are equipped with upgraded Business Intelligence capabilities for easier decision making. With our service offerings spanning across the SAP space, Accely SAP CoE is ready to deliver value to business.


  • Unicode migration enabling multiple language options
  • 32-64 Bit migration for superior performance
  • Full internet enabled SAP operations
  • More than 300 new features available for implementation
  • post upgrade
  • Provides an XI platform to integrate all business
  • applications
  • New enhanced features (BIW/CRM-NetWeaver)
  • New enhanced functionalities of ECC 6.0
  • Availability of country specific advanced compliance
  • Improved decision-making with more powerful Business
  • Intelligence capabilities of SAP ERP 6.0
  • Faster response to business change
  • Improved ongoing Change Management
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced time to market for new solutions built on
  • SAP Enterprise SOA

Business Intelligence

The New Face of Business Intelligence for SAP

“The new face of BI for SAP” – this adage sums up the leading role a Business Objects application has played with the business intelligence front-end of SAP applications. Business Objects’ suite of BI solutions will be the go-to solutions for reporting, analysis, and dashboard capabilities for SAP customers looking for a fuller, more enhanced suite of BI solutions. In addition, Business Objects brings a number of information management solutions to help customers build out a trusted data foundation.

Business Objects is the leader in the Business Intelligence market, helping organizations make more intelligent decisions – resulting in better business strategy.

The Business Objects premium BI solutions include a full range of core Business Intelligence capabilities, as well as end-to-end information management solutions that have deep integration with SAP applications today. In addition, SAP customers can leverage the BI capabilities of Business Objects to gain access and insight into both SAP and non-SAP data, allowing for a 360-degree view of business operations.


SAP’s go-forward product for dash boarding is Business Objects Xclesius, together with Business Objects Dashboard Builder – a dashboard layout tool that complements Business Objects Xclesius in building out dashboard projects.

Enterprise Reporting

Business Objects Crystal Reports is already tightly integrated with the SAP NetWeaver BI stack as well as with SAP Business Suite, allowing customers to unlock key data stored in these backend applications.

Ad-Hoc Query & Reporting

With Business Objects Web Intelligence, SAP offers a web based Ad-Hoc Query and Reporting tool. With the addition of Business Objects Polestar, SAP now offers customers simple and fast ‘Google-like’ search access to relevant data via an intuitive interface. Both of these tools are available as part of Business Objects business intelligence platform.

OLAP Analysis

SAP’s offerings in this area are the SAP BEx Analyzer (Microsoft Excel-based) and SAP BEx Web Analyzer tools. Business Objects OLAP offering is Business Objects Voyager, which provides an intuitive user interface with seamless guided analysis. Integration of Business Objects Voyager and the two SAP OLAP tools has already begun, under the codename “Pioneer”.

Data Quality and Master Data Management

SAP Net-Weaver Master Data Management allows customers to consolidate and harmonize their master data within heterogeneous IT landscapes. Business Objects Data Quality allows them to identify, correct, and prevent data quality issues – to keep enterprise data consistent. The two tools are already loosely integrated; tighter integration is planned through 2010.

Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)

Business Objects offers SAP customers robust ETL capabilities with Business Objects Data Integrator, which enables exploration, extraction, transformation, and delivery of data anywhere, at any frequency. It can be used by organizations for any small or large ETL project. For example, loading non-SAP data into SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence.

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer (SAP NetWeaver VC) will continue to be an integral part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE). SAP will continue to enhance SAP NetWeaver VC by allowing customers to embed business intelligence into business processes via composite applications. Furthermore, between 2009 and 2010, customers will be able to use SAP NetWeaver VC to embed and call Business Objects Crystal Reports, Business Objects Xclesius, and the planned “Pioneer” product.

A Single Platform

The Business Objects BI solutions described above run on Business Objects Enterprise, a single integrated BI platform. The platform allows thousands of users – both inside and outside the company – to manage, distribute, and secure their reports, dashboards, and so on. Furthermore, this same BI platform directly leverages components of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence, as well as SAP Business Suite applications. This, SAP and Business Objects insist, means that SAP customers should continue to build out their data warehousing and information management projects as usual.

How BI can help your company?

  • Improve business process and operational efficiency
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Extract more value from current IT investments
  • Reduce costs and improve cash flow
  • Boost revenue streams
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Increase agility and innovate faster
  • Improve customer and partner satisfaction
  • Grow market share

A focused BI Company for all your BI needs

  • Aligns with Your ERP Strategy
  • Trusted, scalable, reliable platform
  • Integrated performance management
  • The standard in enterprise reporting
  • The industry’s best web query & analysis
  • Strongest service and support offerings

Shared Services

“With shared services becoming a proven optimization strategy for cost, quality and risk, companies are now looking at enterprise software vendors to continue the shared services success story,” says Bernhard Fischer of SAP.

Shared Services have traditionally leveraged labour arbitrage advantages and economies of scale. Despite a striking correlation between top-performing companies and those operating shared services in a specific domain, the latter need to explore ways to continue the quest for cost savings and quality improvement.

Our Shared Services Model spans across its various enterprise offerings, including SAP services like Application Maintenance & Support . This service model is aimed at ensuring that the SAP system continues to run optimally, without any disruption in business processes, and at lower costs.

Our support methodology for all outsourcing engagements is based on Application Support Framework (ASF), and we transitions engagements utilizing this framework. Our proven methodology & framework for the management and operation of support services gives greater benefits to customers. It provides well-defined practices for managing people, processes and technology simultaneously to gain effective, repeatable results.

To meet client’s objectives for application support, we maximizes the use of its offshore Application Development Centers in India, while utilizing a local client-site team for management, business unit interface, and service delivery functions. The overall framework for delivering these services is to deploy our common processes and methodologies under the control of our service delivery organization.

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