US-Based Tire Dealer Benefits With Ecommerce Presence


US-Based Tire Dealer Benefits With Ecommerce Presence

Accely’s recent customer engagement drive brought us in touch with many of our clients. One of those clients is a leading tire dealer from the US. The client’s business has equipped people with the finest tires for over thirty years. This allowed them to earn an extensive reputation for their quality of service and products.

But now, the client was thinking of taking the business to the next level, which would not be possible with their existing technology platform. Thus, after their internal discussion, they decided to step into the e-commerce sector with B2B and B2C business model. But this endeavor was much easier said than realized.

That’s when experts from Accely reached out to the client to help them find the right path toward growth. Our experts evaluated all the client’s distinct requirements and concluded they could easily set up an e-commerce presence for the client. Our IT services experts got into work and designed the ideal e-commerce platform for the client.

Now the client is adopting many new strategies to enhance and scale their business operations to drive better growth. The e-commerce solution we designed enabled the client to reach out to a wide customer base. This also helped the client amplify their revenue generation and drive better results.