UAE’s Real Estate Developer Leverages OnBase ECM to Boost Efficiency


UAE's Real Estate Developer Leverages OnBase ECM to Boost Efficiency

One of the UAE’s leading real estate developers has joined hands with Accely, a leading digital transformation partner, to improve operational efficiency and stay ahead of the curve.

Accely is a global technology consultancy firm known for its expertise in providing innovative solutions and services to businesses across various industries. With a strong focus on helping organizations optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and leverage the power of modern technologies, Accely has established itself as a trusted partner for digital transformation initiatives.

This real estate agency boasts an extensive array of property options, encompassing everything from luxurious apartments and charming villas to spacious warehouses, modern offices, comfortable staff accommodations, and inviting hotel apartments. With an impressive portfolio comprising over 5,000 units, this company has established itself as a paragon of quality and exemplary customer service. Utilizing the strengths of the OnBase enterprise content management system, this collaboration will help develop an intelligent digital platform that will advance the real estate development landscape in the UAE.

The intelligent digital platform that the real estate developer envisions will encompass various aspects of their business, including project management, customer relationship management, finance, and legal processes. With the OnBase solution, this platform will ensure data and document accessibility, automate routine tasks, and facilitate collaboration among teams and stakeholders.

As this collaborative effort continues to develop, the real estate developer is making significant strides in improving its operations. Through the implementation of the OnBase Enterprise Content Management System, the company is not only enhancing its operational efficiency but also setting new benchmarks for the real estate industry. In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of real estate, those who demonstrate adaptability and innovation are positioned for success, and this collaboration serves as a clear and compelling example of a forward-thinking mindset in action.