UAE’s Physical Asset Management Professionals Selects Accely for SAP HCM


UAE's Physical Asset Management Professionals Selects Accely for SAP HCM

It’s the month of acquisitions at Accely as our strategic alliance has recently engaged with UAE’s leading asset management solution providers. The client is committed to providing strategic and meaningful management solutions to several businesses across the globe.

As a corporate magnate, our client takes pride as one of the largest and most innovative physical asset management companies catering to commercial and resident spaces. However, despite such success in its ventures, the company faced a backlash from its HR management.

The challenge was to simplify HR management and avoid mismanagement on such a large scale. This is where the organization turned to Accely for the SAP HCM solution. With SAP SuccessFactors ruling a significant part of the operations, the company could streamline its HR process beyond workforce management.

This 360-degree turn in its operations with a successful SAP implementation helped the company improve its overall customer experience. Besides, with its newly found success in HR, the company now wants to focus on the other core aspects of human management.

Overall, it has been a win-win situation for the company, and they seek better, extended relations with Accely’s services for the future.