UAE’s Leading Tiles Company Boosts Efficiency with SAP Support and AMS


UAE's Leading Tiles Company Boosts Efficiency with SAP Support and AMS

Maintaining rich connections with a streamlined approach toward operations has been one of the key USPs of operations at Accely. Besides, as one of the leading SAP Application Management Services providers, Accely has been at the forefront of innovations, helping businesses revamp their existing operations for a better tomorrow.

Keeping the same old trend, we’ve come across our latest acquisition, a leading provider of ceramic export across the globe. The organization began its operations by initially manufacturing artistic pieces for large global companies. But over time, the producer became a global brand by collaborating with designers to give the best modern bathroom products.

However, with increasing operations and an ever-expanding customer base, the organization felt limited in terms of its operating its SAP modules. Interestingly, they took no time to consult with the SAP Managed Services provider to streamline their operations.

With sourced professionals knowing the ins and out of the SAP AMS module, they were able to maximize their operations.

Fast forward to 2023, the provider enjoyed a great year with our continued SAP Support and looks forward to further collaborations in the future.