UAE’s Largest Cement Manufacturer improvise 30% for Performance Optimization


UAE's Largest Cement Manufacturer improvise 30% for Performance Optimization

Marking its presence in the industry for over two decades, Accely has been nothing short of innovations in its operations! As one of the renowned providers of SAP Managed Services, Accely is often in the news for connecting with businesses and providing them with solutions to add a better approach to their existing operations.

Interestingly, this approach has helped us in our latest acquisition as well. The client is one of UAE’s leading local resources and raw materials providers. The organization’s vision is to create new industry avenues using local resources and raw materials. Accordingly, the organization also focuses on developing the base materials to fuel UAE’s construction boom.

However, considering the vast size of the organization, it could not keep up with all the SAP models and leverage them to their maximum. This is where Accely entered with our SAP AMS (Application Management Services), outsourcing most of its SAP enterprise application support.

Interestingly, this effort allowed the optimization by 30 percent! Keeping the progress of its company in mind, the firm further promises to leverage the expertise of its global SAP Implementation Partner in the future.