UAE’s Global Restaurant Simplified Operations with SAP AMS


UAE's Global Restaurant Simplified Operations with SAP AMS

A global-level fast-food franchise restaurant in the UAE is one of our most promising clients, thanks to Accely’s most recent strategic initiative. These specialists from the fast-food sector have transformed the entire eating experience for their customers and established a reputation for reliable, high-quality products.

While the franchise model quickly established itself in various locations around the UAE, it needed to simplify different aspects of its application management system. The reduced pace significantly impacted and influenced the speed of operations and consumer satisfaction.

Additionally, their future was impacted by their current IT management and expertise shortcomings. The company’s sole focus shifted to streamlined application management services, for which they turned to Accely.

Therefore, with our SAP AMS (Application Management Services) module, we could provide a streamlined approach to the business for managing its IT operations. With a team of professionals overlooking their operations, the professionals could execute business without investing in the traditional IT workforce.

Moving ahead to six months after the implementation, the client is now enjoying a revitalized pace of serving their clients across the nation after embracing the SAP Implementation Partner’s resolves. The company anticipates implementing SAP Gold Partner’s knowledge for future activities in light of the turnaround of its operations.