UAE’s Bedding E-commerce Merchant Leverages Adobe Commerce


UAE's Bedding E-commerce Merchant Leverages Adobe Commerce

Our latest acquisition venture brings us to one of UAE’s leading eCommerce merchants for bed and bedding materials. The client is one of the traditional bedding sellers with a rich history of inventing and patenting continuous production processes in the mattress industry.

The company has been at the top of its game in innovating the way its customers sleep. Over time, they leveraged various technology solutions with a focus on improving their customer experience and in turn, improving the overall essence of the business. However, even amidst the improving interface, the bedding giant failed to keep up with the pace of technology.

This is where they reach out to Accely for IT Services. With Accely now involved in managing the different aspects of eCommerce for the company, it is now focused on improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenues.

Overall, there has been a significant improvement in operations, and the eCommerce giant expects long-term collaboration in the process.