UAE-Based Retail Company Upgrades Magento for its Operations


UAE-Based Retail Company Upgrades Magento for its Operations

Accely’s latest strategic drive has tied us with our most unique client yet. For our latest acquisition, we tend to simplify eCommerce operations via backend upgrades.

The company has been an innovator since early 2000, dealing in the luxury home furniture, even before it was an idea. In the past two decades, the organization has revamped its operations to introduce its customers to several aspects of luxury.

In its latest format, the business is known for selling unique products ranging from a wide range of home decoration products to products for kids and fragrances for adult customers. However, even though the company has successfully brought so many products under one roof, it failed to transcend the future of sales with an updated eCommerce website.

This is where the furniture brand connected with Accely’s IT services for our expertise in Adobe Commerce. With our technology solutions, the organization could improvise with the pace of its operations and present the business more subtly over different web platforms.

Overall, the upgraded platform resulted in better customer retention and business development. Lastly, happy with the success of its improved pace of operations, the company decided to collaborate with Accely for the future of its eCommerce existence.