UAE-based Property Magnate turns for SAP AMS and Enhancement


UAE-based Property Magnate turns for SAP AMS and Enhancement

Accely has earned a name, especially for conducting regular meetings with existing businesses and acquiring new clients. Interestingly, this has led us to win our most interesting project yet. The client is an estate magnate focused on providing technical knowledge about the real estate sector.

As one of the innovators of integrated solutions and services, the business has helped chiefly sell and lease properties, including lifestyle and clubhouse management. One of the leading innovators of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in the sector, the client has always focused on staying at the top of its operations.

However, lately, the organization still needs to keep up with its SAP solutions, primarily looking for third-party expertise to streamline its operations. This is where Accely entered as a reliable answer to their SAP-managed services. Our expertise as professionals of SAP AMS allowed the organization to upgrade its operations and automate multiple aspects.

With Accely as its SAP implementation partner, the organization now enjoys a reliable business approach and looks forward to a better operational future. What’s more? They also want to connect with Accely for our SAP ERP services.