UAE Based Leader In Facility Management Thrives With OnBase ECM


UAE Based Leader In Facility Management Thrives With OnBase ECM

Accely’s recent customer acquisition brings us in terms with one of the UAE leaders in facility management service providers. Over the years, our client has worked hard to emerge as a regional leader with operations spread across 21 different countries at the moment. The consistent quality of services has helped our clients add substantial value to the business.

With digitization taking over the business world, the client realized the crucial requirement of content in this new era. However, managing vast volumes of the content presented many challenges that hindered the client’s growth.

Thus, they reached out to Accely to find a viable solution to resolve the complication. Our experts knew that an enterprise content management solution was a need of the hour for our client. However, the problem was selecting the ideal ECM solution to serve the client’s requirements with the utmost efficacy.

Hence after consultation with top management at the client’s organization, our experts chose to go with the OnBase ECM. The nuanced capabilities of this solution are ideally suited to address every content management requirement of the client. Consequently, our client has now boosted customer engagement and generated extensive results with advanced technology solutions.