UAE Based Hypermarket Thrives With Magento Resource Augmentation



UAE Based Hypermarket Thrives With Magento Resource Augmentation

Our recent customer acquisition brings us in ties with an establishment created to enhance common people’s economic and social conditions. Our client is primarily focused on establishing new hypermarkets and managing different cooperatives across the UAE. Currently, the client operates about twenty different branches across the country, serving the community in the best way possible.

Managing such a large organization is much easier said than done. Our client has to deal with numerous aspects regularly to ensure they serve the community in an uncompromised way. However, this made it very challenging to manage the overall resources of the organization.

Thus, our client decided to leverage the potential of IT services and technology solutions to facilitate better management of resources. After consultation with tech experts at Accely, it was finally concluded that the client’s organization would benefit from better resource augmentation with Magento resources.

Our client now enjoys seamless management of all resources across the organizational operations in the country. This allowed them to allocate the appropriate amount of resources to appropriate areas, further helping them facilitate better growth. Finally, this helped our client better serve their community and grow.