A UAE-based Fresh Packaged Seafood Joins Hand with Accely to Adapt to eCommerce Solution Based on Magento


Accely’s latest round of partnership venture ties it to a leading importer and seller of freshly packaged fishes from UAE, for an eCommerce Solution based on Magento. Dealing with fresh fishes from the sea, the company later packages and processes its products to manufacture filet.

With the hope of expanding its business over new avenues, the client has come in partnership with Accely to revamp its business model and get an eCommerce exposure. Looking forward to utilizing mobile commerce for its platform, the client has developed an application that is based on Magneto.

Further, besides improving the scope of its operations, the business process also looks forward to improving its customer experience, besides just increased sales and conversions. With a totally different avenue left to undertake, the trust of a newly established partnership tries to make sure that the business will prosper.