Sudan’s Top Conglomerate Boosts Productivity with SAP Audit Management


Sudan's Top Conglomerate Boosts Productivity with SAP Audit Management

Accely is a reliable SAP Gold Partner worldwide and has experience in diverse industries such as retail, engineering, life sciences, consumer goods, and construction, to name a few. Our team understands the fundamental pain points exclusive to the company and offers round-the-clock SAP support to eliminate them. Over the years, our experience has evolved with businesses’ changing markets and nature.

Our team recently engaged with one of the most distinct and largest privately-owned conglomerates in engineering dealerships. Established in 1951, the company provides various services and products to consumers and businesses. They aim to produce, manage, and sell high-quality products to enrich lives.

As their SAP Implementation Partner, we focus on crafting an uninterruptible and customized channel to improve productivity. With SAP audit management, our team provided the brand to analyze information, craft audit opinions, track progress, and communicate results. This advanced and quick audit process allows the brand to acquire real-time data and analysis. Our team implemented a uniform platform that can give a bird’s eye view of all business activities. This will ensure they receive real-time insights on production, sales, distribution, and other activities. This makes it easier to eliminate duplicate data and encourages transparent communication across departments. With SAP Managed Services, the brand can acquire data in a streamlined format across logistics, production, sales, marketing, finance, and human resource departments. These advanced implementations transformed the brand into a futuristic and productive enterprise.

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