Social Ecommerce Platform from Sweden making Shopping Accessible


Social Ecommerce Platform from Sweden making Shopping Accessible

The recent customer engagement at Accely brings us in terms with one of the busiest eCommerce platforms from Sweden. Our client started this platform with a clear vision to make shopping for interior design items more accessible.

They make this possible by connecting the customers with creators from around the world. The entire process is as simple as simply tagging a product link with an item, and customers can buy the product of their choice.

While the idea and motive behind the creation of the platform were good, there were still some issues that needed to be rectified. In addition, our client wanted to deploy practical enhancements that would help enhance the customer experience and drive results. After evaluating all the alternatives, our client decided to go with the technology solutions from Accely, given our experience in the field.

The experts at Accely soon got into work to determine the discrepancies within the platform and take necessary measures to address those discrepancies. Our experts from Accely leveraged their skills associated with IT services and rectified all the issues without any hassle. As a result, the client’s social eCommerce is now far more navigable and user-friendly than it was ever before.