Saudi Water and Power Company Leverages SAP MBC and BCM Implementation


Saudi Water and Power Company Leverages SAP MBC and BCM Implementation

The Saudi water and power company is currently improving its operations and efficiency by implementing SAP Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC) and Bank Communication Management (BCM) solutions. They are working in collaboration with Accely, a leading digital transformation company.

This company is based in Saudi Arabia and it provides integrated solutions for water, power, and energy applications. It started as a family business supplying diesel-powered water pumps to farmers and has grown into a diversified holding company with over a dozen business units. This water and power company offers a plethora of solutions through activities like manufacturing, design, construction, and trading.

SAP MBC streamlines communication between businesses and multiple banks, while BCM enhances and centralizes the management of financial transactions and interactions with banks. As a global SAP implementation partner, Accely is working closely with the Saudi water and power company. This integration will help the company to manage their communication process effectively and will save time.

Accely used its extensive knowledge of SAP solutions to customize the MBC and BCM implementations to fit the company’s specific needs. This collaboration highlights the significance of choosing a reliable SAP implementation partner for a seamless transition and to get the most out of the provided SAP solutions.

With the help of these SAP solutions, the company will get a better control over their money-related communications. It will also make connecting with multiple banks easier, and offer a clearer view of their financial processes. These improvements are likely to make the company’s operations more efficient and flexible overall.

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