Saudi Water and Power Company Achieves Operational Excellence with SAP AMS


Saudi Water and Power Company Achieves Operational Excellence with SAP AMS

The Saudi water and power company is improving its operations and efficiency by implementing SAP AMS. They recently joined hands with Accely, an SAP consulting company. Renowned as a global leader in digital transformation, Accely brings its support and expertise to empower companies in achieving digital growth. Saudi Water and Power company is experiencing a transformative journey toward operational efficiency by leveraging Accely’s SAP managed services.

Based in Saudi Arabia, this company offers comprehensive solutions for water, power, and energy needs. Initially a family business supplying diesel water pumps to farmers, it has evolved into a diverse holding company with over twelve business units. The company is involved in various activities, including manufacturing, design, construction, and trading, providing a wide range of solutions in the water and power sector.

Accely’s SAP AMS support strategy guaranteed that the company always got the assistance it needed. They carefully examined the company’s current SAP setup, pinpointed possible issues, and put proactive measures in place.

How the Company is Unleashing the Power of SAP AMS Support

Effective SAP Support

This Saudi company currently acknowledges the importance of a strong SAP support system to streamline its operations. Accely’s SAP AMS support services provide instant assistance, addressing issues proactively and continuously optimizing the system in real-time.

Tailored SAP Management

Accely’s customized SAP management services are currently crafted to meet the specific needs of the company. From monitoring the system to fine-tuning performance, the company is benefiting from a set of services that ensure the smooth operation of its SAP landscape.

Proactive Issue Handling

SAP AMS support currently adopts a proactive approach to resolving issues, minimizing downtime, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. This approach not only enhances system reliability but also contributes to significant cost savings for the Saudi Water and Power Company.

As companies globally aim to improve their SAP systems, the Saudi water and power company’s success story serves as an inspiration. Do you wish to inspire the companies in your competition by leveraging such forward technologies? Accely has got your back!

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