Saudi-Based Investment Company Benefits from Centralized Marketplace


Saudi-Based Investment Company Benefits from Centralized Marketplace

Our recent customer interactions gave us an opportunity to discuss issues with many of our clients. One such client is a Saudi-based investment company with efforts focused on developing joint ventures and making valuable investments. The client has been in this business for almost two decades, enough for them to create an extensive portfolio.

The client’s businesses were mostly centered around operating businesses that install, manufacture, and supply wall and roofing solutions. While this extensive portfolio seemed great from the outside, managing them was no walk in the park. The client needed a centralized platform where they could get an overview of every business under them.

That’s where Accely comes into the picture with its expertise in advanced technology solutions. Our experts understood that the client needed a centralized platform but deciding what that platform would be was not easy. However, our expertise and experience came together to help us create a marketplace for the client.

This has benefitted the client extensively, allowing them to manage all business operations and IT services from a single centralized interface. It also helped enhance convenience for the client’s customers, further boosting customer satisfaction. Currently, the client enjoys unmatched benefits, most notably an increase in the revenue generation.