Saudi Based Fragrance Manufacturer Selects Accely For Magento Support


Saudi Based Fragrance Manufacturer Selects Accely For Magento Support

The need to support business growth with the Magento solution allowed Accely to rope in a new customer. The client is based in Saudi Arabia and has been in this business for over 150 years. Initially established back in 1932, the client has experienced seamless growth expansion with currently over 500 different stores across the globe.

The increasing demand for advanced technology solutions pushed our client to adopt Magento solutions. However, it did not take long for the client to realize that installing and using Magento solutions to your advantage are two different things. So after thorough contemplation, they decided to team with Accely for Magento support and enhancement.

Our experts got started with evaluating all the business requirements of the client. Consequently, they determined many areas that could benefit from further enhancements. Following this, our experts got into work to facilitate enhancements and ensure unmatched support at all times.

Currently, the client enjoys all the benefits that come with the powerful Magento platform. This has allowed our client to augment their IT services and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. This can also be seen in the overall revenue generation that has breached new records in recent times.